List of Must-Have Baby Care Products for Newborns

It is difficult not to fall in love when a baby smiles at you. You recollect your childhood memories and create new ones as you play with your little one. Grab every chance you can and spend time with newborns as they grow up quickly. While you would be excited to make memories with your little one, you should also take good care of them. Be specific about using the right baby products, as the baby’s skin is very sensitive.  

You can find a range of baby care products from leading brands, offline and online. The following are some must-have baby care products: 

Baby massage oils  

Newborns’ muscles are stiff in the initial months. You need to massage them regularly for the joints and muscles to open and become flexible. Massaging also helps protect their skin and keeps them warm in winter. Use the baby massage oil for massaging your baby. It is 100% authentic and is made from natural olive oil and chamomile extracts. It protects your baby’s skin. You can buy 100 ml and 300 ml bottles as per your preference.  

Baby soaps 

As mentioned, baby skin is highly sensitive. The soaps adults use for bathing have chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, and synthetic colours. This can often cause redness and irritation on the baby’s skin. So, use baby soap for bathing newborns. It is made from the goodness of shea butter, milk, avocado extracts, and other natural ingredients.  

It hydrates, nourishes, and protects your little one’s skin. Gently massage the baby’s skin and rinse it with warm water while bathing.  

Baby wipes and diaper creams  

You need to change your newborn’s diaper several times a day. Packing several wipes always helps. You can use baby wipes to clean the little one’s skin without harming them. The wipes are also easily disposable. Along with baby wipes, also buy a diaper cream. Newborns can wear the diaper all day long, which leads to rashes. Applying diaper cream prevents rashes and keeps your baby’s skin soft.  

Baby lotions 

Baby skin could become dry after bathing. The dryness peaks during the winter season. You should apply baby lotion every day after bathing or before stepping out. It nourishes your baby’s skin and makes it look flawless. Check the baby lotion product description before buying it. Check for checkpoints like dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and chemical-free.  

Mosquito repellent creams  

Buy mosquito repellent for babies so your newborn can play outdoors for several hours without worrying. You can also buy a mosquito repellent roll-on, patches, and spray.  

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