Lymphedema | Managing blocked Lymph Nodes by Physiotherapy

Lymphedema | Managing blocked Lymph Nodes by Physiotherapy

Lymphedema, a progressive and chronic medical condition, is caused by increased lymphatic fluid. This happens when lymph fluid is not properly draining due to blockage of the lymph nodes. This lymph fluid transports bacteria from the lymph nodes to be destroyed.

Bloating of the lymph nodes can cause swelling anywhere in the body. This includes the arms, legs and genitals and the chest wall and oral cavity. Proper drainage is essential for the proper functioning of these lymph nodes.

If you need physiotherapy treatment Here, Sarwarpro provides physiotherapists treatment in Dwarka, Delhi. Because it’s an exercise-based therapy, physiotherapy can reduce swelling and other side effects. We have discussed the treatments that a trained physiotherapist can use to improve quality of life and restore function in patients with lymphedema.

CLASSIFICATION OF LYMPHEDEMA: Lymphedema is classified into two types:

A condition known as primary lymphedema or genetic lymphedema is an inherited condition that results in a malformation of the lymphatic system. It can cause hyperplasia, hypoplasia or aplasia in the lymphatic vessels.

Secondary or acquired lymphedema can be caused by cancer, tumours, injuries, surgery, infection, and radiation therapy. Filariasis refers to an infection of the lymph nodes or a parasite’s obstruction of the lymphatic system.

Lymphedema is a condition that causes swelling of the extremities, including the arms and legs, pelvis, pelvis and feet, pelvis and groin, shoulder and so forth. To ensure proper treatment, early diagnosis is essential. The history and physical examination are used to diagnose the condition.


Lymphedema can be a progressive condition. Physiotherapists can help people with lymphedema regain their function and move better. Manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging and movement are part of the treatment plan.


To normalize the size and function of the limb, you can also use elevation or treatment with compressed bladders.

Pressure Therapy or Pneumatic Compression (PC/PT),

A technique called pressure therapy uses compressed air pumps. These pumps can be used to pressurize the limbs with oedema.

Decongestion lymphedema treatment (DLT).

For moderate to severe lymphedema, decongestion lymphedema therapy can be used. This therapy mobilizes lymph and dissolves sclerotic fibro tissues. This two-step process involves manual lymphatic drainage, gently massaging, and compression bandaging.

Manual lymph drainage (MLD):

The patient can also do manual lymph drainage, which is a gentle lymph massage that increases lymph flow. It improves lymph flow from affected arms or legs (proximal to distal).

Garment fitting:

The patient can use compression garments or self-bandaging. After lymphatic drainage, compression garments with low stretch are worn.

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Compression aids in drainage, decreasing swelling.

Skincare & Hygiene:

It is recommended to clean the skin on the legs and arms daily. A lotion is also used to moisturize the skin. Fastidious skin care creams are used to prevent secondary skin infection.


Exercise can help improve your cardiovascular health and reduce swelling. Low-intensity exercise promotes lymph drainage, protein absorption and muscle contraction. The program includes exercises to increase or preserve the range of motion and strength in the affected area, improve lymphatic draining, and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Light massage:

Gentle massages and exercises can also reduce the swelling in the affected limb.

Strengthening Exercises:

Elastic bands with variable resistance are recommended for strengthening exercises. Walking, cycling and running are all great cardiovascular exercises that can be tailored to your stage and severity.

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