Maintenance Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Family Boat

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Boating with your family is a wonderful way to spend quality time together, but keeping your family safe while on the water is important. You and your family can enjoy quality time together without worrying about their safety if you keep your boat in good condition by doing routine maintenance and making improvements when you see an opportunity. This will ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, as well as the longevity of your boat. Here are suggestions for maintaining and improving your family boat.

Maintaining a Clean Boat

Debris, saltwater, and even wetness may all wreak havoc on your boat’s exterior. These factors can detract from the appearance of your boat and may even cause paint damage over time. As a result, washing your boat regularly is required to maintain the vessel’s outside appearance. The boat is made up of various materials, and the following are tips on how to clean the various materials found on board.


Numerous fiberglass boats are finished with a gel coat that protects the fiberglass from the sun, seawater, and harsh weather factors. Thus, the only way to keep this fiberglass undamaged is to wax or polish it with a wax intended to protect the coating gel. Aside from waxing on a regular basis, wash your boat after each voyage to remove debris and salty water.

Seek professional help

However, when it comes to major repairs, you should seek expert assistance because large services are difficult to perform without the assistance of a mechanic. To locate the appropriate specialist, conduct an internet search and find Mercury outboard parts to improve your boat. You can always ask an expert what parts or pieces you will need for your family boat.

Canvas and upholstery

Canvas is another material that is frequently used on boats, particularly in the cockpit area and on certain other sections of the boat. Thorough cleaning maintains the appearance of the canvas and ensures that the waterproofing capabilities remain intact. The canvas should be cleaned with a soft brush, mild soap, and freshwater. Occasionally, your canvas will include polyvinyl chloride windows; never clean PVC with ammonia-based cleaners. Ammonia will eventually corrode the material, so it is recommended to clean clear PVC using a specialized cleaner.

Motor or outboard engine maintenance

A well-cared-for boat can last for many years, whether used on a river, a lake, or the wide seas. Most boat maintenance activities may be learned and completed by the average person. On the other hand, major repairs should be left to the professionals.

Do Your Own Boat Maintenance

A boat engine requires thorough maintenance before embarking on an adventure. Each time you use your boat, go through a checklist to ensure that your engine is in good working order. Check the bilge and hoses for leaks, check the fuel level and never leave the dock without sufficient gasoline, and check the water coolant level as necessary. Assure that there is sufficient oil in the reservoir, and monitor both the oil pressure and the voltmeters while operating the boat to ensure that everything is operating normally.

Proper boat storage

Preparing your boat for storage is essential. Avoid exposing your boat’s components to UV radiation, dampness, and snow or ice. Before storing, perform these checks. Outdoor dry storage requires a fitting boat cover. Professional shrink-wrapping keeps your boat ventilated and protected from the elements. Indoor boat storage is ideal if provided. Cover your boat before storing it to keep dust and debris out.

Wet slip storage: Many large boats are stored on wet slips. Cover your boat before storage and use a deicer to bring warmer water to the top.


Regular boat maintenance enables you to maintain your boat’s optimal speed, power, and reliability. Whatever type of boat you possess, a poorly maintained vessel will not look as nice or last as long as you expect. Additionally, a well-maintained boat is more secure, reliable, and efficient.

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