Major Socialisation Challenges Dogs Are Facing During the Coronavirus Pandemic!

tricolor beagle puppy on brown soil

Did you think you are alone facing the wrath of the deadly disease of coronavirus at your home? Well, not just you, but even animals have been affected largely because of this pandemic. The lockdown seriously impacted your behaviour as well as your pet’s behaviour in your home. With the state’s regulations on not going outside and staying safe at home, indeed you stayed away from this disease. But the lack of socialisation remained! And do you know who was most impacted by this lack of socialisation? It’s your dog or pup!

Signs that your pet shows due to lack of socialisation during coronavirus!

Because of the present situation, staying indoors is of utmost importance for you and your pet. But it did affect the animals more because they don’t have any idea as to why they were suddenly trapped indoors and couldn’t go out for a walk and meet their friends!

  • Totally isolated and silence — Lack of socialisation and fun that the dogs otherwise had outside slowly made them very quiet. They have accepted the fact that they can’t go out for a walk and play now — and that’s why they love being lazy and isolated.
  • Shy towards strangers — Yes, it took lots of efforts to make the animal outgoing and friendly. But since the pet hardly went out with you, it seems to have forgotten the virtue already. And you didn’t even have any house guests during all this time! It’s natural for the poor thing to be shy towards strangers and not mingle with them quickly.
  • Separation anxiety — Nowadays, you would have noticed that your dog suddenly seems to come after you while you leave for work. It gets restless when it sees you getting ready and jumps on you when you get back from outside. This is separation anxiety that you won’t just find in small pups but also in the adults.
  • Dog etiquettes and training — The way you trained the pet about playing games outside and properly behaving in front of the crowd has gone down the drain now. Your pet will have to be trained afresh about all these etiquettes and taught all these once again. And for that, it’s best to enrol your pet in a dog daycare in Perth, Holistic Paws= Waggy Tails is the best centre where your pet can relearn all its manners and etiquettes. They also provide special attention to your dog which makes them extremely content and feel cared for.


o   Lack of exercise and disbalanced appetite — Since your pets are indoors all day long, they are probably bored and tired of roaming inside. And with no activity and exercise to do, they turn lazy and sleep all day. You’ll also find some of the dogs overeating and gaining weight while some of them eating less and losing it. Well, both of these cases are serious and should be taken care of.


Your pet is probably as fed up with staying at home as you are! And the only solution is to start taking your pet out with more precautions and enrolling in a daycare centre that provides maximum safety and care for your pet child. 

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