Make a career in the field of digital marketing, you will earn lakhs every month

At this time digital marketing is visible as a great career in the country and the world. Digital marketing refers to the use of the Internet to convey information, induce purchases and provide sales-related services to potential customers through mediums such as websites, emails, social media, blogs, and popup advertisements. Digital marketing is the foundation of every business done through the Internet.

While digital marketing is moving ahead in the country due to the fast-growing users of the Internet, availability of data at affordable rates, and affordable mobile phones, on the other hand, due to the increase of online activities like online shopping, bill payment, online transactions, etc. Digital marketing is also expanding rapidly.

There are many opportunities in digital marketing

With the rise of the digital economy, a large number of employment opportunities have grown rapidly in the hands of the new generation of India. The report ‘Digital India: Technology to Transform a Connected Nation’, published by the world-renowned McKinsey Global Institute, states that despite the rapid growth of the digital economy in India, many traditional jobs in the country will be wiped out by the year 2025. With this, more than 2 crore new jobs will be seen being created.

What are scopes

There are no time, distance, or workplace restrictions for a career under digital marketing. The work of digital marketing can be done easily even while at home. There are many career opportunities in this field related to different specializations. 

There are many job opportunities available in these positions like Digital Marketing Managers, Content Marketing Managers, Content Writers, Social Media Marketing Experts, Search Engine Marketers, SEO Executives, Copy Editors, StoryBoard Artists, Animators, Programmers, Web Designers, and Media Managers. The need for digital marketing experts is increasing for companies related to IT, tourism, banking, retail, social media, hospitality, e-commerce, etc.

Benefits from skills

Good English, computer proficiency, communication skills, skills related to mass communication and advertising are useful for making a career in the field of digital marketing. In terms of technical proficiency, good knowledge of web design, social media, and web-related software is beneficial. Good knowledge about email, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Telegraph, Twitter, websites, social networks, Google ads, search results, etc. is beneficial for digital marketing.

Take the right course

To make a good career in digital marketing, degrees like management, commerce, computer, IT, and certificate or diploma digital marketing course in Rohini along with studies of MBA can be beneficial. MBA in Digital Marketing is also a good option. Certificate, diploma, degree, and post-graduation courses in digital marketing are conducted in most of the universities and many private institutions of the country.

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