Makkah’s Historic Mosques

Here is an article on Makkah’s Historic Mosques offered by our travel agency with the best and cheap Umrah packages for Umrah. Makkah is the holiest city for Muslims, and it is a location we hope to visit at least once throughout our lives to do Hajj or Umrah. In Islamic tradition, mosques in Makkah are exceedingly important and bear unique significance. The lives of the Prophet PBUH and his companions have been linked to the majority of these mosques.
Pilgrims visiting Makkah for Umrah or Hajj visit the masjids to have a better understanding of the Prophets’ life (AS). The majority of mosques in Makkah are Hejazi-style structures with arched entryways and an open courtyard. The Saudi government is responsible for the refurbishment and upkeep of all mosques. Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter the city of Makkah.

In Makkah, there are a few mosques with a long history, some dating back to the time of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. You should definitely visit the mosques listed below while you are in the area. Here’s a list of some of Makkah’s historical mosques that you might want to visit on your next Umrah pilgrimage or with your Saudi Arabia tourist visa:

• Al-Hudaibiyah Masjid
Masjid al-Hudaibiyah is a mosque in Makkah that commemorates the Hudaibiyah Treaty, a peace pact between the Prophet PBUH and the Makkan Quraysh tribe. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his companions were able to return to Makkah in a peaceful journey the following year, which became known as the first pilgrimage.

The mosque presently called Al-Syumaisi serves as a miqat for Hajj pilgrims wishing to enter Ihram. Near the ruins of the ancient mosque, a new mosque structure is being built.

• Al-Khayf Masjid
Masjid-Al-Khayf is located in the southern section of Mina, in the foothills. The mosque is located near the smallest Jamarat and is where the Prophet PBUH and other Prophets before him prayed Salah. The mosque’s ancient structure has been rebuilt and expanded to accommodate 25,000 worshippers.

• Masjid-Al-Haram – The Grand Mosque of Makkah
Every year, over 2 million Muslims visit Masjid al-Haram to perform Hajj and Umrah. It was constructed to protect the most precious Kaabah. The mosque’s earliest sections originate from the 16th century. A rectangular courtyard for pilgrims to do tawaf (circumambulation) and covered prayer halls make up the big mosque.

• Masjid-e-Jinn
The Jinn Mosque is a Mecca mosque located near Jannat Al-Mualla. The Mosque of Allegiance and the Mosque of Guards are two more names for it. The mosque was built on the site where a group of Jinn met one night to hear the Holy Quran recited. After Allah directed him to recite Quran to the Jinns, Prophet PBUH made a line for his friend Abdullah bin Mas’ood R.A to sit.

After meeting the leaders of these Jinns, the Prophet PBUH acknowledged their acceptance of Islam. The Surah (chapter) Al-Jinn in the Quran mentions this episode.

• Masjid Al Bay’ah / Aqaba Hill Mosque
Al-Baiah Mosque, located on the Aqaba hills, commemorates the moment when Ansar of Madinah pledged their allegiance to Prophet Muhammad PBUH after hearing Quran recitations. Twelve leaders from Madinah’s Aws and Khazraj tribes were among the delegation. The second Aqaba Vow took place thirteen years after Prophethood was declared.

According to Hadith, the Prophet PBUH met with a group of Ansar leaders, accompanied by his uncle Abbas, who was not a Muslim at the time. He recited the Quran, prayed to Allah, and urged others to convert to Islam.

• Masjid Al-Mashaer Al-Haram
Al-Mashar Al-Haram Mosque is a holy location in Muzdalifah where visitors spend the night after returning from Arafat. The mosque was renovated and eventually expanded. This mosque, which is located halfway between Masjid al-Khayf in Mina and Masjid al-Nimrah in Arafat, represents the location where the Prophet PBUH slept and supplicated during his farewell trip.

• Masjid-e-Aisha / Masjid-e-Taneem (RA)
It is also a place of visit when you go to perform Umrah via December Umrah Packages from London. Mosque Aisha, also known as Masjid al-Taneem, is the location where Ummul-Mumineen Aisha R.A went to enter Ihram for Umrah after the Prophet PBUH instructed her to do so at the Hajj goodbye.

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