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Ethics may be described as an outlook ‘’with regular behaviour’’ or ‘’the concepts whether or not an act is proper or wrong’’. To be a expert, we want some things One ought to have spent lengthy years of studies They do now no longer want supervision They ought to recollect their act as a provider that means benevolent act with out waiting for any returns For ages, expert Astrologers have debated, what might the perfect behavior. Let us see what an Astrologer might also additionally want to maintain in thoughts as suitable behavior. One ought to be properly versed withinside the difficulty of Astrology with lengthy years and indepth study. Practicing Astrology ought to be taken into consideration as a provider and no different reason to be ascribed. The studying ought to allay fears and infuse self belief in people Even while a black hole (or) a no desire scenario is seen, suitable phrases to provide an explanation for how higher to mitigate the scenario, ought to be spoken At no factor of time, worry ought to be infused withinside the minds of the native At the equal time, one want now no longer be unrealistically optimistic One wishes to factor out practical effects and if any remedial measures recognized ought to be shared Remedial measures ought to be primarily based totally on The individual’s want And what the chart foretells Astrologer wishes to behave as a Counsellor. A Counsellor acts like a reflect telling the customer ‘’what positions’’ he’s in and what steps ought to be taken for betterment. A Counsellor in no way suits in his very own set of creativeness at the customer Confidentiality is of maximum importance, at no factor of time, the dialogue factors wishes to be made public The Astrologers motion ought to decorate the accept as true with quotient of the customer. Client perception and religion ought to be saved in thoughts all through discussions. Astrologer want now no longer display of his understanding, the dialogue in the long run ought to allow the customer in all feasible ways Astrology is a complete exercising when you consider that all regions of existence can be covered. Although Ethics in any career is debatable, the above are a number of the factors to ponder. Very many a success Astrologers, ’’stay and practice’’ the Ethical code of behavior and it is able to be accompanied with the aid of using more youthful technology of Astrologers for betterment of the career. ————————– Gurur brahmah gurur Vishnu, Gurur devo maheshwaraha Gurur saakshaat param brahmah, Tasmai shree guravey namaha Meaning: The guru is the dwelling consultant of the Holy Trinity in Hinduism – Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva. The trainer is the consultant of the Supreme Being. He offers me understanding and destroys ignorance. I salute one of these guru.

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