Massage Chairs on the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show


I became fortunate sufficient to take the time to visit Las Vegas for the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show or CES. The CES has each viable digital tool imaginable. I became interested by sorting out the modern-day and finest withinside the global of rubdown chairs. I became capable of attempt some of rubdown chairs and percentage my findings here.

One of the exhibitors which I located became a Japanese employer referred to as Family Inada. Family Inada became showing the Dream Wave Sogno. The Dream Wave Sogno became the winner of the 2009 CES innovation award. The Sogno is a completely superior chair with a few very revolutionary features. Massage Center in Muraqqabat

The Sogno has greater airbags than any rubdown chair that I even have ever tried. There are airbags that surround the neck and additionally ones that may rubdown your complete arm. The air rubdown became superb across the neck location and became powerful in relieving anxiety withinside the neck location. The arm rubdown became now no longer as powerful and did now no longer offer the extent of compression I became expecting.

The Sogno has a sophisticated seat that truly rocks in place. The seat will pivot and offer ergonomic aid of your returned and buttocks. This became a chilled role for the spine. The appearance of the Sogno is a touch egg-fashioned in layout which may also restrict in which it may be placed. It became additionally priced at $6,000 making it a completely excessive cease chair.

Another excessive cease chair that I were given to attempt became via way of means of Fujiiryoki. The Fujiiryoki chair is produced via way of means of Fuji Medical and is indexed as an FDA tool. The Fujiiryoki chair presents complete frame rubdown and has a shoulder press. Air compression is used to inflate airbags across the shoulders that supply a company press.

The Fujiiryoki chair additionally has an air rubdown for the decrease frame and for the fingers as well. The excessive cease Fujiiryoki chair has been out for two years and is via way of means of a long way the maximum high-priced at $8,500. The rubdown became pretty thorough, however the chair became a chunk tough whilst you are simply seated in it.

I became capable of attempt the Montage Premier via way of means of Omega Massage. This is the excessive cease Omega chair which has complete frame rubdown competencies. The Omega Montage Premier became the simplest chair with warmness remedy and additionally a tune player. The rubdown competencies have been more potent than each the Sogno and the Fujiroiki chairs.

The Montage Premier can also match taller human beings like me better. I am 6′ 2″ and I even have problem locating a rubdown chair that in reality suits my frame. The leg relaxation of the Montage Premier may be prolonged an additional four inches. The chair returned is likewise longer than the opposite chairs and became greater cushty to take a seat down in. At $four,500, the Montage Premier became a deal.

I desired to attempt each Sanyo and Panasonic, however they have been now no longer showing rubdown chairs of their reveals this yr. They did have a few outstanding LCD and Plasma display screen TVs though. However, my challenge became rubdown chairs, so I became dissatisfied now no longer to get a hazard to attempt them.

There have been an collection of different rubdown chairs, however I am a chunk cautious of those groups as they simplest promote at shows. Some of those chair groups I even have in no way heard of and that they likely may not be there subsequent yr. I requested those groups in the event that they had any outlets or different distribution to verify that they have been fly via way of means of night time groups. I may not hassle to say them here.

Some of the excessive cease chairs are quite terrific and the generation being constructed into those rubdown chairs is similarly amazing. If you’re seeking out a in reality excessive cease chair, then the Sogno, Fujiiryoki and Montage Premier are your high-quality bets. Finding the Sogno and Fujiiryoki to attempt can be difficult, while the Montage Premier is in a few foremost outlets. You may also want to name the producers to locate in which they may be to be had to attempt. Massage in Muraqqabat

The CES is held each yr in Las Vegas in early January. It is the global’s show off for customer electronics. The attendance became round 130,000 human beings with over 2,800 exhibitors. It is so large that it spills over from the principle conference middle into the Sands and the Hilton Hotels. If you need to look the high-quality rubdown chairs at the market, then make your plans on attending the 2010 CES show.

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