Massage Therapies – Options for complementary health care

A common means of relaxation is massage therapy. Some might also recommend this in most body parts for healing pains. The trick is finding a good massage in Al Barsha therapist who is knowledgeable about body parts and massage, and when it comes to body pain, this can become one of your alternative health care options.

There are probably about a hundred ways of massage from all over the world. 10 of the most widely used and chosen by many are here:

1) Swedish Therapy with Massage

This was popularised back in the 19th century by Pehr Henrik Ling, who was a Swedish physical therapist. Massage therapists apply long, smooth strokes to the body in this process. The massage oil and lotions are added to promote complete smoothness. This is favored mainly by individuals who are new to body massage and therapy.

2) Massage with Aromatherapy

This to name a few, uses essential oils such as chamomile, rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender. This to name a few, uses essential oils such as chamomile, rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender. Our emotions are regulated by the limbic system in our brain and our nostrils are connected to it. Messages are obtained by the limbic system upon inhalation of essential oils that can influence the level of stress, heart rate, breathing and the immune system. It is also known that our skin can absorb essential oils that can lead to a radiant appearance.

3) Massage with Hot Stone

Hot stones are used in this form of massage to relax various parts of the body. The stones are usually river rocks that are naturally smooth. Rocks are put in the water on a heating system in the stone heating process until it has reached a certain high temperature that is still healthy for the skin. Spa in BurDubai therapists may also apply pressure to positions where the heated stone is positioned on the back, such as the hands, joints or particular areas, if desired. Stone heat can boost the circulation of blood and alleviate tensions in the muscles.

4) Massage of Deep Tissue

Blood supply can be blocked when muscle adhesion occurs and can cause discomfort, inflammation and reduced mobility. The connective tissue and deeper layers of muscle are targeted by this form of massage and are usually recommended when there is muscle damage or constant muscle tension. To relieve the pain, it will break down adhesions and restore regular muscle movement.

5) Shiatsuu

By putting some stress on pressure points, this massage therapy may treat common physical and psychological problems. This is Japanese in nature and is known as the equivalent to the acupuncture form of Chinese healing. Shiatsu is believed to aid with conditions such as anxiety, nausea, depression, headaches, fatigue, cramps, muscle pulling, and arthritis. The phase of therapy also touches on the “Zen” energy that gives the mind and body a more soothing effect.

6) Massage for Pregnancy

As expectant mothers are unable to do daily workouts, it is growing in popularity. To perform this type of massage, therapists typically need to be qualified as this can be a delicate operation. They should know the best way of stretching and positioning a pregnant woman’s body.

7) Reflexology 

This is literally called, by others, foot massage. However it requires more than massaging, as pressure on the points of both feet should be applied. Mostly recommended for individuals whose job allows their feet and legs to be used for an extended period of time every day.

8) Athletic Massage

People in sports are often involved in difficult physical exercises, especially during training sessions. For athletes, Sports Massage was created to heal rapidly during muscle injury or even to improve particular muscle parts depending on the type of sport they do.

9) Chinese Traditional Massage

There are two forms of traditional China massage: Tui na, which focuses on stretching, kneading, and pushing, and Zhi Ya, which includes squeezing and pinching the acupressure points, is the other.

Body massages, in addition to being alternative health care options, can relieve discomfort and build a feeling of well-being at the same time. Daily massages of the body will help us strengthen our everyday lives.

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