Mattress Sizes Guide in 2021

Choosing the right mattress sometimes it may not be as easy as it sounds. You have to do much more than just making your order or visiting a physical mattress store. In many cases, people consider the mattress firmness, budget, length, and width. Although all those factors are essential, it’s also vital to focus on the mattress size.  Common sizes should suit your comfort, space, and needs, whether full size bed, double bed or king size bed. Getting adequate and comfortable sleep is part of promoting good health. Take a look at different mattress size charts and faqs to have a better understanding.

So, what are the best mattress sizes on the market?

There are different full bed mattress sizes on the market. You need to understand them for you to make the right buying decision. These popular mattress sizes include:

Twin bed

These size beds measure 38 x 75 inches and are ideal for kids, single adults, single sleepers, or bunk beds. The twin bed crib mattress is the smallest one on the market. You can use twin size mattresses in small spaces or buy them for your children. Twin mattresses come in different modifications depending on the manufacturer and brand.

Twin XL

This standard mattress size is also referred to as Twin’s linger cousin. Twin XL mattresses are mostly used in college dorm rooms. Unlike the twin standard size, the Twin XL measures 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. Apart from students, twin XL makes a perfect mattress size for taller individuals with small sleeping space.  

Full Size Mattress

This new mattress dimensions include 53 inches of space (wide) and 75 inches long with a strong innerspring. Full size mattress is ideal for recent grads and young adults. The mattress can also be ideal for couples but not for individuals who love sharing beds with pets or children—however, it’s a perfect fit for guest rooms.

Queen bed

Queen size mattress for queen size bed is amongst the most popular larger mattresses with enough leg room on the market today. It makes a perfect addition in a master bedroom measuring at least 10 x 10 square feet. Queen size mattress comes in 60 x 80 inches. The queen mattress is ideal for couples and individuals who would love to have extra space on the bed.

King full xl

This is now the recommended mattress size for couples who would love to share a standard king bed with toddlers and pets. The King size mattress fits well in a spacious master bedroom, measuring about 12 x 10 square feet. It gives you enough room, and even with kids or pets in bed, you will still have enough space to enjoy your sleep—the king mattress measures 76 inches wide and 80 inches long.

California King mattress

California king bed is the most extended double mattress with a whopping 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. It’s ideal for individuals taller than six feet. Besides, if you are looking for a luxurious extra space in bed, a California king size mattress is for you. You comfortably share your bedtime with kids and pets as well.


What’s the perfect mattress size for me?

 The best mattress serves your needs right. People have different expectations when purchasing mattresses. It’s always advisable to evaluate your bed size before purchasing the mattress. Here are vital factors that will help choose the right mattress size:

Who will sleep on the mattress: the individuals you wish to share a bed with should guide you on the best mattress size to buy. For one person, Twin or Twin XL will be perfect.

Room size:

Of course, you should buy a mattress that will comfortably fit your room and leave considerable space for you to move around.

Body size:

Your body size, bed frame, extra length for your bed and those you will be sharing the bed with should also be factored when buying a full mattress.


The cost of the mattress will also determine the best size for you. The bigger the mattress size, the higher the cost.

With all that information about mattress sizes, it will be very easy to buy the best mattress. Take your time to understand the available mattress brands on the market.

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