MBBS in Kyrgyzstan by WSL Consultant

If you have decided to study MBBS abroad, then MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is one of the best ways to study MBBS abroad. Many institutions known as HEC, PMC, WHO are available to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

These medical centers are well-known all over the world. Students from Paksitan, India, Bangladesh, Africa and around the world are studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is 5 years old in Kyrgyzstan. Over the next five years, students acquire knowledge of medical theory and practical skills. Candidates do their job training in college-linked hospitals.

All medical facilities in Kyrgyzstan are well known but especially IMU AVICENNA, Asian medical center, JASU, IUK should speak here.

Overview of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan:

Why Study MBBS from Kyrgyzstan?

There are many important facts in terms of all these facts that the reader should learn from here:

✓ Due to the availability of Health in Kyrgyzstan.
Education Higher education, with its emphasis on academic study, often produces graduates who have few or no practical skills
✓ There are world-renowned courses (Europe, UK, USA, Asia, Africa)
✓ There are doctoral degrees and recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB (UK), USMLE (USA), throughout the EU and the Various International Organization
No Entry Test is required for MBBS courses
✓ No IELTS or TOEFL required for admission.
✓ The cost of tuition here also applies
✓ High European Life Standard also exists
Is Kyrgyzstan’s International Recognition of Teaching an Attractive Teaching Method
✓ Medium of Instruction is always available in English
✓ After graduation there are always better job opportunities
✓ Emphasis is placed on material that is useful for teaching
✓ It is always in the middle of the year

Faculty An Outstanding World Position is always present
One of the best travel plans is always in Kyrgyzstan.

Expert Experience with Travel Professionals from the USA, CANADA, UK, etc.

After the completion of the study program there are opportunities for permanent residence and residency in Europe

✓ 100% VISA guarantee for eligible candidates only
✓ Admission opens with the installation of September 2020 in kyrgyzstan.
✓ Kyrgyzstan has always considered a center of academic excellence in Central Asia.

Is a beautiful and wonderful world with a peaceful environment.

MBBS From Kyrgyzstan Key Features

Admission: October to January

School Required for 10 + 2: 50% in Fsc

Entry Check Requirement: NO

Currency Estate: 3200 USD per year

Hostel fee: 200 to 300 USD per month

Real-time: 5 years

Moderate teaching: English

Note: PMC and WHO are approved

Medium of Teaching for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

The study method is the same for all universities in Kyrgyzstan. The teaching method is MBBS English in Kyrgyzstan.

It allows baptismal candidates to do something smoother with local people at an unspecified time in the future for internship.

Admission to get admission to the MBBS Study in Kyrgyzstan

Sensitivity that allows you to keep the secret that MBBS is probably learning about food at the same time as pointing to Kyrgyzstan MBBS.

Typically, the implementation of the MBBS course starts from September.
It would be good to try to apply within July.

MBBS Training Abroad in Kyrgyzstan available is likely to also begin in October.
There are restricted seats for MBBS testing in Kyrgyzstan.
Kyrgyzstan universities provide accommodation

Near the universities there are hostels for university students.

College students who understand MBBS Education in Kyrgyzstan are empowered in a private apartment.

All hostels are well equipped with all the necessary facilities.

Applicants have access to all types of facilities including sports, gyms, pools, cafes etc.

At PMC allowed Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan, All rooms are well ventilated.
There is a place of vital heat in all the hostel rooms.

Here, you will find the power of a shared kitchen.

You can freely access this network, the call center

The hostel also provides food.

Here, university college students can find a place to study to enrich your knowledge.
All U.S. hostels S. They are under protection.

Students are not worried about the protection of Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

Applications Available in IMU

Bachelor, Master and MBBS / MD programs are available at IMU.

Admission requirements to IMU

After graduating from secondary school (12 years)
Admission fee (non-refundable if applicable);
Bank statement

Undergraduate degree;

Appropriate visa entry passport;

Medical Report – form 086, (Can be provided at ISM Medical Center);

Application Form;
10 photos (with white soil on the back) (3х4cm)

The student will have to pay a Consular Fee upon arrival at Bishkek airport for approximately 70 U $ D to 110 U $ D alone.

Upon arrival the Student will have to pay the First Semester Fee in U $ D.
The monthly cost of food in Kyrgyzstan usually ranges from 50 U $ D to 100 U $ D.

From year 2 onwards The student will pay the residence permit and the insurance fee on their own.

The student will follow the full rules and regulations of the Kyrgyzstan Department of College and Education.

Pakistani students will follow the Policy of the Medical and Dental Council of Pakistan

A small percentage of Physics – Chemistry – Biology (PCB) students at 10 + 2 level is 50% & 45% of SSC / F.sc.

No age limits available.

There is no disruptive Gap Study Problem there.

No hidden charges exist.

List of mandatory documents

SSC registration or Certificate required
HSSC documents / Certificate used for acceptance

Scan a passport copy of the home page
A white background image
Medical report

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