Medical records retrieval: Outsourcing your medical records retrieval

Outsourcing your medical records retrieval process significantly reduces the time spent by your staff for this activity. Our medical records retrieval process is specially designed to support billing retrieval and our follow through chronology services ensure that you have all the information required to improve client outcomes.


When you need medical records we take the assignment with serious urgency. Our SLAs are designed to get the request out in as little as 4 business hours. Follow-up calls in as little as 8 business hours. Our follow-up policy is designed to give providers time to respond but we take provider commitments seriously. With more than a decade of experience retrieving medical records for a broad variety of use cases, we are decisive, determined, and assertive about getting the records to you as soon as possible.


Benefits of outsourcing your medical record retrieval process to us:


– Eliminate tedious medical records retrieval efforts by your staff and reduce the need to work with medical providers individually.

– Get your records faster.

– Avoid any image/radiology transfer downtime.

– Transparency in retrieval status of the request, project, and facility levels.

– HiTech support provides fast and safe transfer of records.

– are more cost-effective than alternative solutions.


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