Methods That You Can Use To Fix The Sagging Roof Lining Of A Vehicle

When it comes to the interiors of a car, the roof lining forms an integral part. Your car’s roof lining requires regular maintenance & cleaning just like your upholstery & dashboard of your car. But, there will be times that you might have to deal with a sagging vehicle roof lining for multiple numbers of reasons. 

One of the significant reasons why such a situation happens in the first place is because of exposure to your vehicle to excessive heat during the summer season. As the car’s roof gets heated up, the heat melts the adhesive or glue holding the lining together, leading to the sag. Sometimes, the roof lining can also sag due to the glue or adhesive withering off over time due to cleaning the interiors. 

Procedures To Solve A Sagging Roof Lining Of A Car

  • Using Adhesive

If you notice the roof lining or the headliner coming off around only the edges, then you can simply use regular adhesive to glue it back. Performing a sagging headliner repair is easy as you just need to visit a car accessory store and thereby ask for a good-quality headliner adhesive. You must avoid using any ordinary glue as it will not work at its best. 

The ideal procedure to do this would be to apply the glue on the headliner surface as well as on the interiors of the car (where the headliner sits) so that it can stick itself better. Proceed to press the headliner and ensure that there are no gaps in between.

  • Using Pins

In case you find that the use of adhesive is difficult and it will create a messy situation on your car interiors, then the best thing to do would be to use cardboard pins to push the headliner into the interior fabric of the vehicle. 

However, one major disadvantage of this process is that – you’ll need to use multiple numbers of pins to be able to complete your task. Moreover, pins are of good use if the headliner sagging is covering a small area.

  • Using Double-Sided Tape

If you want a temporary fix for now and want to post-pone the repair, then this procedure would be the best fit for you. This method can only be carried out if the edges of the headliner are sagging and using a double-sided tape is similar to using adhesive. 

The adhesive found on the tape will not be as strong as a dedicated headliner adhesive, but it should be able to do the job till you get a professional to fix the same. 

Thus, with the above-mentioned DIY methods, you can quickly get your sagging headliner (or vehicle roof lining) fixed in the least amount of time.

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