MHOMES: Experience comfort like own home when travelling to India!



Staying in a hotel gives you only privacy, but it is a combination of pleasure, peace, and culture values in the homestay.


A homestay is a form of hospitality where visitors share an apartment with a local of the city they are travelling.


Indian culture varies every 1000 steps, and it offers diversity in food, language and landscapes. At MHOMES, the motive is to help you experience and explore Indian culture values by staying with residents at an affordable price.


MHOMES is an online marketplace that associates individuals who need to lease their homes with individuals searching for facilities in that district. MHOMES right now covers all the significant urban communities in India.


Homestay culture in India gives an immersive experience. Making new friends, exchanging knowledge about a different culture, having delicious cuisine of that culture, and exploring more about those places is an adventure that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Living in an informal culture helps you experience even little things of culture. 


MHOMES helps in creating a sustainable environment by taking the legacy of homestays in India by reviving the phrase” Atithi Devo Bhava” 


MHOMES lets explorers stay in a homely environment in an unfamiliar spot. Stays are usually less expensive than hotels which are incredible for travellers on spending plans. So, head over to their website and browse through numerous living spaces before choosing one.


You can take this legacy one level above by being a host as well, Hosting on MHOMES requires only a space that you need to share. MHOMES helps you to find guests.

To become a host, you need to list your home on MHOMES by describing space, guests, accommodation, and add photographs on MHOMES by signing up on their website. Add price, and you are ready for welcoming a guest and start earning.  


So, if you are looking for comfortable and secure stays when travelling to India or want to become a host and welcome guests in your home, MHOMES can help you! 


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