Middle Managers And All You Want To Know About Them

The management level reporting to the higher managers and managing at least one to two subordinate levels of managers is called middle management.

They are responsible for supervising the lower managers and following up on directives from the upper managers. The middle management is not just responsible for operational decisions but is also responsible for the overall operation of an organization.

This is a high-ranking position within a company and commands respect. Middle managers generally oversee a branch and department managers.

Starting from setting goals and making decisions at the departmental level— a lot is done by the middle management of a company. These managers keep track of the activities taking place at the subordinate levels by making their junior managers submit monthly, weekly, or fortnightly reports. They also make strategies to track the progress of the lower-level managers.

The middle management is also responsible for overseeing key units and departments such as marketing, manufacturing, accounting, research and development, and human resources.

They must be attentive and informed about all happenings within the company in order to achieve every organizational goal. They must foster an environment of trust and cooperation that could keep all employees happy and content.

They are responsible for the management of critical work processes and ensure that they conform to company directives. They lead from the middle, keeping an eye on the pulse of the lower-level employees and reporting to the highest authority within the company. 

And since they shoulder such crucial responsibilities, it’s important to make them undergo middle level management training.

Importance of a middle manager—

  • As the link between the top leaders and the frontline managers, the middle manager is a crucial role in any organization. Because they have direct influence on the majority of the company’s activities, their influence is strong.
  • The middle management ensures that lower management levels work in harmony with the company’s requirements by overseeing routine tasks and regularly monitoring performance.
  • The middle management is responsible for creating a positive working environment. They can also make changes when needed.
  • This level of management is crucial because it has the added responsibility of building a team to take the company forward. Middle managers motivate, inspire, and support their teams to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.
  • The middle management handles lower-level employment decisions and manages training programs.
  • For reporting purposes, the middle management is required to attend meetings and discussions on a regular basis.
  • Middle managers play an important part in ensuring that the company’s productivity keeps on increasing.
  • They assess the performance of junior managers and encourage them to do better.
  • They are responsible for executing the plans created by the top-level managers. They will first understand the requirements of their superiors, create plans accordingly, and then execute those plans by explaining them to lower-level managers.
  • They don’t just help recruit employees but also retain them. They are responsible for repairing, cultivating, refining, and rebuilding the work environment and relationships within a company. They deal with people with different sensibilities and manage them accordingly.
  • The middle management is empowered to make changes at the lower levels of the organization and implement strategies to boost the performance of people working at these levels.
  • They are the ones that get things done. They listen to higher authority’s aspirations and dreams and take measures to realize them.
  • They work in coordination with the upper and lower ranks and help guide the workforce towards achieving company’s set goals. They are responsible for creating and implementing critical business strategies.
  • A company’s culture is embodied in middle managers who encourage and promote its values.
  • The middle management controls the flow of information within a company. They are the people who get all important information first-hand.
  • They have the responsibility of completing important tasks that no one else can. So, they need to see the big picture and work in accordance with the company’s best interests.
  • In a professional setting, relationships are just as important as those in a personal relationship. It is the middle managers who build trust and establish relationships between the upper and the lower levels.

Middle managers have an inherent quality that enables them to nurture and repair any professional relationships.

  • Since their primary role is to implement the most efficient strategies of upper-level managers, middle managers have a significant influence on the company they are a part of.
  • They are the ones who find the right balance between reality and ideals to ensure the company’s welfare.
  • The ears and eyes of a company are its middle managers. If there is disagreement among lower-level employees or they are unhappy with any aspect of the company, it falls to the middle management’s responsibility to find a solution and understand the issue. This ensure that the company runs smoothly and without breaks.
  • A middle manager generally holds the position of a general manager, regional manager or a divisional manager.

Skills required to be a middle manager

Middle managers must have specific skills to fulfill their role within the company. Here are some of those skills and characteristics—

  • The middle manager must be a capable leader as they must manage both their superiors and juniors efficiently.
  • They must be able to create and implement strategies that benefit their subordinates, as well as the company. They must be able to see the big picture and have the creativity to execute it, even when faced with difficulties.
  • They might also need to be able to persuade people for participation undertake difficult tasks. They must set clear, precise goals and ensure that they are properly implemented.
  • Lower-level managers look at middle managers as their role models. Hence, they must guide and inspire them to work better.
  • They must encourage self-development. Sometimes, you can’t bring the best out of people by training them but by encouraging them to discover their best versions by helping them look inward.
  • The middle manager should be able and quick in thinking. They should also be able to make tough decisions without much hassle.
  • They must accept responsibility for their actions, even if that is not in accordance with the circumstances.

A middle manager’s position is delicate. One of their most admirable traits must be their patience. However, middle management is not an innate skill, it can be acquired with proper training. And that is why organizing Mid Level Training is a must for your organization.


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