Monthly car lift services are ideal if you are on an extended stay in Abu Dhabi or Dubai

Moving from one place to another in UAE is facilitated by car services that provide top notch cars, SUVs, and vans to passengers. Traveling long distance such as a trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi should be always managed by professional car services that will pick you from your home and drop you off at the desired destination in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and vice versa. Traveling in private car to fathom the distance between these two cities, approximately 140 km, will take about 1 hour and 47 minutes. The service is open for everyone that is for an individual or couple, a family or group and you can expect the services to be absolutely professional. You can also book car lift Dubai monthly if your tour is going to last for more than a few days. Extended stay travels offered by the car lift companies are safe and meticulous and you don’t have to worry about booking them every time you want to get out.

How beneficial private car services are?

Opting for private car service is the best travel option you have in UAE. If you are going to Abu Dhabi from Dubai you can have to travel 140 km and it takes 1 hour and 47 minutes. Driving your own car to either of these cities can be a hard task for you as the desert climate of the route can significantly tell on your performance and your car. If you are traveling in a rented car managed by professional driver it will be easy and comfortable for you. You don’t have to watch road and area for any natural hindrance or traffic. All you do is to rest in the comfortable back seat and chat with your companions. If you are traveling alone you can lean back and relax with some music. You can also doze off during the journey and wake up when you reach your destination. It is a comfortable and hand free travel that you will enjoy to the hilt because you are not driving the car.

Types of car used for car lifts.

The rental companies use top end SUVs, sedans and vans made by top car manufacturing companies and the fleet will consist of vehicles like Camry, Corolla, Lexus, Yaris, Pajero and other SUVs. Depending on the number of passengers you can hire Pick and drop service from travel companies or car lift companies operating in top cities of UAE and also have associated services in other countries in the Middle East. Long drives whether essential or pleasure must be always handled by certified and licensed car rental providers because it will be a safe journey.

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