More YouTube Views: 6 Really Working Tactics

1. Find Your Niche

You need a niche if you’re going to succeed on YouTube. You don’t make videos for everyone while you want to get more YouTube views. YouTube is an extension of your marketing message, so you must focus on the audience you are trying to reach.


After all, you won’t get a lot of ideas from people who don’t really care about what you have to sell.


This doesn’t mean you just have to concentrate on a certain video type or on a single subject — which is quick to bore your audience. What we recommend is that you use your buyer to map out the type of contents and topics that fit these viewers while they are still on the brand.


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2. Make Good Content

You’re ready to create great YouTube content once you’ve got a niche and know who you’re targeted. This means creating videos that people want to see throughout the whole process. Simple, okay?


Your YouTube videos should talk in an entertaining and engaging way to your target audience about topics of interest. And they must give value. This content is an investment that you make in your business and should encourage viewers either to register or to purchase your paid content. It won’t hold you long enough if it doesn’t help you.


The Fitness Marshall has, for example, tonnes of free content which gives visitors value, even though they have not paid for a channel subscription:


We must also remember that YouTube is a search engine at its core. YouTube is designed like all search engines to display the most relevant content for your query to users. If your videos do not satisfy the requirements of viewers looking for your keywords, your views will lag.


This leads us to our next approach to get more views of YouTube…

3. Use YouTube SEO

YouTube is Google’s second-biggest search engine. And like other search engines, YouTube has its own search results ranking signals. YouTube SEO begins with keywords, but a high level of commitment is essential. In the words of YouTube itself:


“Videos are classified on the basis of a variety of factors, including the correspondence between the titles, descriptions, and content of the videos. In addition, we look at the videos that have driven a query the most and ensure that viewers find it easily.”


YouTube wants you to push engagement. Translation. If you succeed, the search results will give you greater visibility.


YouTube engagement can be measured in various ways: likes, observations, retention of the audience, watch time, card/end display clicks and more. If your audience cannot engage with their videos, the search results will not rank your content as high and you will not get more YouTube views.


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4. Customize Your Video Thumbnails

Sometimes it’s so simple to get more views as to stand out. As users scroll through YouTube’s search results, thumbnails are a huge part of what they seek when they decide whether to click the video.


Brian Dean Backlinko recommends using blue, orange, green, and/or yellow non-YouTube colors on your thumbnails. Your video is therefore distinguished from the red, black, and white that fuse into YouTube.


Viewers should have a clear and accurate view of what your video is about with your YouTube video images. It ought to distinguish, yeah. This could mean using a bright colour, eyes and an eye-catching picture, or even a minimalist approach which is currently contradictory to the norm.


Just like your content, you should create your video thumbnail for your target audience. You might need to test different thumbnail styles to see what your audience would like to see.

5. Use Cards and End Screens

You can use YouTube cards and end screens to promote other videos on your channel, increase engagement and get more views on YouTube. To use cards and end screens, click on the image on your profile in front of the right of the screen, click YouTube Studio, select (or upload a new one a video, and click the craft icon near cards or terminal screens to verify your Youtube account.


Cards Cards


During the duration of your YouTube video, cards can be created at any time. You can direct viewers to other videos and playlists or use them to scan your viewers. A survey is a great way to get viewers to engage and receive valuable feedback on your video.


Finishing Screens


Final screens are special frames that you can add to the videos’ end. You can direct viewers to the next steps now that they see your video by using strong action calls with end screens.


The YouTube Studio allows you to add cards and end screens. You can find the video you want to add the card to, or to the end screen by clicking on the vidéo manager. Click on Edit then. Then. Cards and end screens can be now added:


6. Create Playlists

Playlists are a great strategy for YouTube and a simple way to get more views of YouTube. The next video in the playlist is started automatically when the current video ends when viewers see videos that are on the playlist. This means that viewers can view related videos without effort, capture more YouTube views for themselves, and keep YouTube happy.


The creation and planning of playlists are necessary. You can’t just take a bunch of videos and say it’s good. Curated experiences for your spectators should be playlists. Playlists should therefore include related videos. In terms of series instead of one-offs, it helps a lot to design your content. You can add these videos to the corresponding playlists when your videos are released.


We’ll look into Marie Forleo’s YouTube playlists to see this in practice:


Forleo has divided her videos into various playlists covering various topics like starting a business, building a meaningful business, and more. You get a list of videos exclusively focused on starting a company when you look at the Business playlist. No marketing advice is available – this is in the playlist of marketing strategies.


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