Motor Insurance in Pakistan

What is Motor Insurance? :

Everyone desires to own a personal car of their own. Some people buy a car for their family and some of them buy out of necessity and some purchase it for their luxury. But nobody is ready to choose when it comes to buying a motor insurance policy. Whether you like it or not, everyone should have a motor insurance policy for their vehicles. The simple fact behind this is to protect your car from any kind of mishap or accident and it is mandatory for all car owners to buy motor insurance with at least a package to cover their vehicles from any unwanted situations. Any type of organizational vehicle or personal vehicle can be insured with the motor insurance policy. 

Importance of Motor Insurance:

It is important to have vehicle insurance for your vehicle to be safe from thefts. This article will surely help you understand the importance of having motor insurance for your two or four wheeler. Explaining about features you get in a package we will also take care of your savings and best premium rates for all type of vehicles of different categories, this article will also help you understand which insurance plan is best and suitable for you motor vehicle.

Factors by which you can identify a specific package according to your vehicle:

  1. Age of the Car
  2. Make & Model of the Car
  3. Type of Car Insurance Coverage
  4. Engine Capacity of the Car
  5. Location of the Car
  6. Claim History
  7. Your category of vehicle

 Our General Advice for You:

Motor insurance is very important for every vehicle owner. If you own a car, then maintaining motor insurance policy is very easy when you choose the right motor insurance company. In my opinion you should buy insurance from a best and trusted company in Pakistan. I am also sharing a list of top insurance companies in Pakistan and also suggest the best one for you. Never go with the companies that charge extra taxes and charges from you. However, don’t forget to compare Motor insurance plans every time with other companies whenever you are going to buy.

List of insurance Companies:

  • Alpha Insurance Company Ltd.
  • F.U.General Insurance Company
  • Askari General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Beema Insurance Company Ltd.
  • SPI Insurance Company Ltd (formerly Saudi Pak)
  • UIC – United Insurance Company
  • Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd.

Best Motor Insurance Company in my Opinion:

If someone takes my suggestion, I will go with United Insurance Company Ltd. It has the best and affordable motor insurance plans with 100% guarantee with it. I am personally using their insurance plan and never faced any kind problem from 10 years. You can go and check their insurance plans to buy a one for yourself.

Best you luck for the future of your vehicle.

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