Moving Day Theft Is Real – Do Your Best to Prevent It!

Couple carrying cardboard boxes in living room

We know you are already stressed because of your house relocation. And you would have thought that this is the most stressful thing in your life. But let us inform you that there is something even more frightful than moving your house. It is facing a theft or burglary during the process. No, we don’t intend to scare you off your wits, but moving day theft is real and to prevent it at all costs is necessary from your side.

What Can You Do to Prevent the Moving Day Theft in Your House?

Almost everything that you are moving to your new house is precious to you in their own sweet way. And imagine if anything gets robbed, you won’t just face the financial loss in this situation, but even emotional regret is there. So, ensure that you don’t face any such unfortunate events:

  • Check the removalists service thoroughly — You are obviously going to hire a removal company to help you in the packing and moving. But have you inquired about them properly? Check each and every point of their website perfectly and also enquire about their previous experiences and reviews. Pick only the most reliable removalists in Brisbane like Happy Removals. They ensure that each and every item of your house is properly packed and moved under a trustworthy person’s guidance to your new house. They even have each and every worker trained (with background check) thoroughly. What’s more, they will provide you insurance services as well in case something gets lost or damaged during this service.
  • Don’t put off your security system until the last minute — You probably thought that when everything is packed and you’re ready to move, then you should take off the security system before the final day. But we suggest that you let it stay for one more day so that everything stays protected and in control during the big day.
  • Keep your precious items under special supervision— We constantly warn you to keep your precious items under your control when you are moving out of your house. Carry all your cash, jewellery, your property related papers and keys in a secure bag with you or hand it to someone trustworthy if you are too busy.
  • Keep a count and record of your items — Proper planning when moving out of your house includes counting and keeping a record of every box or item you are moving to the new place. This is a very important step because if something gets robbed in between, you’ll be able to track it easily because of this list.
  • Never leave anything unguarded — It is always recommended to call your friends for some help on your moving day. Not for the labour, but you will need them to keep a guard on the items that are being shifted from your house.

So, are you ready to finally move from your place? Have you taken into consideration each and every point listed above? If yes, then rest assured that there won’t be any theft or burglary in your moving process now! 

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