Necessary steps before selling TONER CARTRIDGES

In case you are planning to sell your toner cartridge and are a bit curious about how the whole process goes through?

Other common questions or queries include, for example, condition of toner cartridge at time of selling, where to sell toner and at what cost? Where can you earn the best money for your toner cartridge? All questions are relevant and significant as well.

Keeping in view the general queries, we will discuss them one by one.

There is no doubt that when you have done enough with your toner cartridge, it’s better to sell used cartridges in order to purchase a new one. By doing so not only that you contribute toward a noble cause of saving mother nature as already a lot of plastic waste has accumulated in the earth and secondary you can earn money as well.

Before selling your cartridge, you have to put various things in consideration before you plan to sell your excess ink and toner cartridges. It’s better to examine your supplies to conclude their net worth, if anything at all. Or at least, you should know about preservation of any unused ink cartridges in case you are interested in keeping them for a while. Below details will definitely help you in this regard.

Toner we are buying

There are numerous kinds of brands available all across the United Kingdom and infinite types of toner cartridges on the market. In actuality not all manufacturers produce the best products. You have to understand that if your toner cartridges have compliance with the highest acceptable standard.

Below we have discussed some tips to make determination:

  • Does the Cartridges belong to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)? 
  • The top quality of cartridges is produced by the OEM who provided your printer. They know the design and other requirements related to the device and consumer demands very well. Same company will provide you the replacement cartridges that are developed, designed and produced by the same company.
  • What is meant by generic cartridges acquired from third parties? We can define a compatible ink cartridge to be the one that is not made by the genuine manufacturer of your printer. They are designed in such a way that can suit a variety of printers.
  • Remanufacturing cartridges is an old, consumed cartridge that has been restored or refurbished. It was originally provided by an OEM or a third party. Due to defect irreparable components are changed and the cartridge is refilled for selling again.


Selecting the right type of ink supplies is the initial step. In order to sell your toner cartridges, you have to make sure that they should be in a condition that meets the requirements to be purchased or resold. Were cartridges in sealed boxes or boxes opened?

Sealed box on one and only signal that indicates that the cartridges are brand new. In case tempering with the sealing of boxes, no one can predict the originality of ink used. Most platforms buy cartridges that are in their genuine and unharmed boxes.

Value or offer of the cartridge is dependent on the condition of the box. On other hand if the packaging is severely mutilated, the offer of the toner will decline and you will not gain the best offer. If you are interested to get the best rating and the good cash back for your ink cartridges, try to avoid damages like holes, dents, tears more factor that also influences the cash back is the expiry date on the toners. It will decide whether your supplies get accepted or not.


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