Neelam valley; a tourist attraction in Pakistan

What a beautiful valley; Neelam valley, named due to the Neelam River which runs along the valley. There is also a saying that it is named due to a precious stone “Neelam” found in this valley. It is situated in the Azad Kashmir region in the north area of Pakistan. It is a famous tourist attraction due to its mesmerizing beauty. There are a lot of sites to visit here, though the whole valley is captivating. When you are moving from one place to another place, there is a lot of worth watching scenes along the road. It looks like you have entered another world which is like a dream to see. Famous tourist attractions here are the high waterfalls, lush green mountains, amazing lakes, and many other points along the Neelam River. People enjoy fishing and camping at certain places along the river.
How to approach Neelam valley?
To reach Neelam valley, you have to come to Islamabad first. From there, it takes almost 7 to 8 hours of consecutive traveling. It is near the Muzaffarabad district of Azad Kashmir. The area of the Neelam district is about 200km but the complete area is not occupied by the residents. About 370 small and large villages are present there in which the people of Neelam valley live. Neelam valley is parallel to another beautiful place of Pakistan “Kaghan valley”. There are giant mountains that separate both of them. If you are in Kaghan valley, you can also approach Neelam valley from there. Another way to reach here is from Noori Top; a midway place to Neelam valley.
Why Neelam valley is important?
Neelam valley is famous for having mineral mines. These minerals are extracted and transported to other regions of Pakistan. It is a treasure for Pakistan. There are many types of minerals that are obtained like green tourmaline, rubellite, black tourmaline, quartz, and many others. They need to process further before the final presentation.
Weather condition
Neelam valley is a blessed region with all weather conditions. In the winter season, it is too cold that temperature drops down to minus while in the summer season, it is quite normal to move around. The best weather for visiting the valley is the summer season but visitors who are interested to enjoy snowfall should visit in the winter season. But keep it in mind that snowfall season can cause certain issues regarding travel. Roads may be slippery or can be blocked due to heavy snowfall.

Tour guide to Neelam valley
Whatever the place you are visiting the first time; if you do not have a travel guide with yourself, you may miss the important locations. Everyone goes for a limited number of days and he desires to see all the famous places of the area and capture it on his camera. But what if you do not know the exact location; you will waste your time finding the way to reach there. A travel agent knows all the points of the area very well so he can guide you the best and save your time. Moreover, it is much satisfying that when you reach the area, there is already a room booked in a good hotel for you to take a rest. All this can happen when you acquire services from a travel agency.
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