Neem Oil Can Rejuvenate Your Dull Skin And Make It Glowing Again! Here’s How?

Neem is such a product that you should include in your skincare regime. Neem oil for skin lightening disseminates the fine lines and wrinkles present in your face by making it naturally glowing. Everyone is born with soft and smooth skin, but with exposure to a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy work schedules, the skin is damaged. It is never impossible to achieve flawless skin; however, it can be done only through using correct products and routines.

How to get glowing skin from Neem Oil

Reduces inflammation

Neem oil consists of the most healthy ingredients essential for bringing a youthful glow and shine to your skin. From antioxidants to fatty acids, it nourishes the skin. It takes care of the acne-prone skin for its anti-inflammatory properties and heals the red, irritated skin.

Minimizes wrinkles

Collagen is an essential item for making the skin tone even and keeping it intact. Neem oil helps in making the proportion of collagen more excellent to keep the wrinkles away.  The fatty acids present in Neem oil makes the skin moisturized.

Medicinal values

Neem, because of its antiseptic properties, is widely used for the production of medicines. Oil extracted from the Neem tree increases histamine production and helps reduce inflammation of the skin. It cures redness, itching and rashes.

Neem oil is used to make the oily skin supple. Excess oil production by the skin is controlled with Neem oil. It maintains the sebum of the skin.

Protection from Sun’s rays

The layer of the skin gets damaged by the harmful radiation of the sun. Neem oil rejuvenates the skin by creating a layer of antioxidants. It also keeps away chronic skin diseases.


It can be used by mixing with coconut or jojoba on your face for moisturizing purposes.

For treating acne, Neem oil is applied over the acne using cotton and washed after 15-20minutes.

For toning, the skin boiled water extracted from Neem leaves is applied.

How is Neem oil made?

At first, the seeds of the Neem fruits and seeds are left to dry after taking out from the pulp. Then the husk is removed to get the kernels. The kernels so obtained are used to get oil by cold pressing. The texture and smell of the oil depend upon the quality of the kernels.


Usage of Neem oil depends upon your requirement. It has plenty of benefits for people having acne, scars, blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Dark spots can be reduced by making the skin tone lighter. Shahnaz Husain brought the best face scrub for women in India made out of Neem extract.

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