Neon Tetra and Guppies – How to House Guppy With Neon Tetra and Guppies

Guppies are not very picky feeders. They require only one or two feeds a day and will happily live on high quality fish flakes. Live or frozen foods are also a good choice occasionally, and tetras will happily eat vegetables and algae wafers. The food you choose should be diverse enough to satisfy your guppies’ needs. While guppies are omnivorous, neon tetras need only a small amount of food every day.


While guppies are livebearers and give birth to fully formed baby guppies, neon tetras are egg scatterers. Their embryos develop within the egg of a plant and are thus a different species. Despite the similarities in appearance, these two species are different in their behavior and housing conditions. Read on to learn more about neon tetra and guppies and how to house them together.

Neon tetras

A breeding pair of neon tetras and Guppy is a good match for a tropical fish aquarium. Both of these fish enjoy dark, leafy areas and vegetation. While a breeding pair will be hard to find, they make excellent tankmates. While a live-bearer Guppy can live with a single neon, a breeding pair of neon tetras is much more likely to produce healthy and happy babies.

Golden tetras

Despite their iridescent gold hue, Gold Tetras can become quite anxious if you add too much activity to their tank or play loud music. The colouring of these fish, which are also known as X-Ray Tetras, is a defense mechanism the body has developed to protect them from parasites. Unlike captive-bred Gold Tetras, this colouration will not be present if they are exposed to parasites.

Longfin tetras

A common mistake people make when starting a tank of guppies is confusing the species. Both neon tetras and guppies need the same conditions, including water pH and temperature, to survive. This is because both species like murky water. A 15 gallon tank is suitable for one neon tetra, and a 20 gallon tank is perfect for two. A tank with an overhang of three feet will provide plenty of room for both types of fish.

Cardinal tetras

While Guppies and Cardinal Tetras are compatible and do well in the same tank, you should consider a different combination for the best results. Although they are both peaceful, they do not get along well with aggressive tankmates, such as Oscars and Goldfish. If you plan to keep both species in the same tank, be sure to remove the guppy first as its fry are more likely to prey on the larger Tetra species.

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