New York City Luxury Real Estate Lifestyle Is at Your Fingertips

Are you a New York City resident ready for the lifestyle you deserve? When perusing new listings and homes for sale in New York city’s hottest neighborhoods – such as the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Chelsea, or Midtown – it is crucial to consider what is most important to you when designing your ideal lifestyle. It is also a good idea to know what value the real estate amenities offer when it comes to luxury living. Determining the location within New York, the associated benefits of the desired location, and the atmosphere you are seeking to create are the first steps in making your real estate vision a reality.

If you are a New York city native looking to find an exclusive co-op, or looking to move from the Upper East Side into some new construction in the Upper West Side or Midtown West , you have the ability to do so in ways that align with a luxury lifestyle.

Upper West Side

When seeking the pinnacle of New York luxury living, look no further than the new construction popping up in the Upper West Side. The desirable New York, NY 10024 mailing address sought out by stars across Manhattan.

As demand to live in this area skyrockets, so too does the demand for luxury space. Developers are not disappointing, and continue to impress with groundbreaking and innovative condominium projects that are sending waves across the Manhattan community as they reshape the unmistakable skyline of the city. 

In addition to such condominiums meeting the luxury desires of NYC residents, finding new construction condominiums in close proximity to Central Park- that have not been lived in- is increasingly difficult with the limited amount of real estate left and fewer locations for new developers to come in and build new.

When it comes to the Upper West Side, Central Park and the historic Central Park West district are only minutes away and provide opportunities to enjoy relaxing afternoon strolls, group exercise classes, or simply take in and appreciate nature.

Yet another benefit of investing in a condominium in the Upper West Side is the manner in which the endless array of condominiums provide expedient access to a bustling nightlife of clubs, bars, restaurants, and bistros as well as short walks to key leisure and entertainment locations such as Central Park, Broadway, Lincoln Center, the Hudson River, and all the best iconic NYC hot spots that Manhattan has to offer. 

The proximity to all the aforementioned amenities is one of a few reasons Broadway stars, performers for the Lincoln Center, and real estate power brokers have come to call the Upper West Side home. It has what it takes to attract those with the most refined and discerning of tastes.

For all of the aforementioned reasons, the Upper West Side condos for sale do not remain so for very long. If you are able to find one that you love that is not spoken for already, the ability to get the luxury home you want often comes down to who can pull the trigger and make the deal happen the fastest. Be sure to have your broker on speed dial.

Manhattan at Your Fingertips

With arguably the busiest lifestyles in the United States, everyone who lives in Manhattan understands the importance of being able to plug-in and out of work at the drop of a hat. The ability to disconnect at the end of a long day and enjoy a night out with family and friends, and being close to work and entertainment plays a huge role in deciding where to relocate when looking at real estate.

The exclusive Upper West Side and nearby Hell’s Kitchen offer outstanding entertainment opportunities for those with interests across the spectrum. The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is at your fingertips offering shows ranging from the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and the Metropolitan Opera, to the New York City Ballet.

Not to mention the numerous guests that perform each year at this mega-complex of entertainment and culture, with everyone from international orchestras to prodigal violin soloists and piano virtuosos seeking the ultimate venue from which to share their talents with the world. This is an absolute must for those who consider themselves to be connoisseurs of fine music, especially classical music. 

The amount of prodigal musicians and talented ensembles coming through the doors of the Lincoln Center put it in a league of its own when compared to other performing arts centers across the state of New York and across the country.

NYC Nights and Broadway Lights

Feeling like getting out of your condominium on the Upper West Side for an evening but don’t want the hassle of commuting across the entire city? Grab a cab and zoom on over to Broadway and enjoy a night out without worrying about the travel time to and from. Even better, get out for a stroll and grab dinner and drinks on the way to a show and stop at a late-night bar for snacks and drinks on your way back home at the end of the night. 

Some of the most exciting and culturally diverse bars and late night hotspots are located in the area, with Hell’s Kitchen being a particularly unique neighborhood to reminisce on the evenings events over an artisan cocktail and delicious appetizers, or mix it up a little with some shareable platters to nibble on before heading home for the night.

Homes for Sale in the Upper West Side

With real estate in the Upper West Side consistently topping charts for desirable areas in which to live and own condominiums as well as other types of real estate, there is no time like the present to secure an investment in the neighborhood in the form of your very own new construction condo or townhome. 

The Upper West Side has proven itself to be the only choice for those looking to have unmatched Central Park views, quick and easy Broadway access, and an unbeatable night life that aligns with the luxurious and exclusive lifestyles that its residents lead.

When looking for real estate in the area, be sure to check out some of the new construction that is hitting the market in Hell’s Kitchen that is going to absolutely revolutionize what was previously thought to be achievable in terms of architectural design, elegance, and luxury.

Manhattan Real Estate in a Nutshell

Whether it be a brand new condominium or a more subtle townhome or co-op in the Upper West Side, there is something for everyone looking to live the lifestyle of their dreams here in Manhattan. 

When searching for your next condominium in the Empire State, be sure to check out the local open houses going on in the neighborhoods that you are interested in and get with your favorite real estate broker to set up a time to tour the condominiums today.

Columbus circle acts as a clear meeting point between Hell’s Kitchen and the Upper West Side, and truly bridges the gap between the two neighborhoods that offer so much to New York City in terms of cultural vibrancy, the arts, and the architectural renaissance that is taking place in the Upper West Side neighborhoods between W 72nd St, W 83rd St and all along Columbus Ave as well.

Big Changes to Come in the NYC

With innovation comes change, and that is exactly what is being offered by the masterminds over at Concrete (the architects responsible for CitizenM Hotels and Urby) who are now bringing another revolutionary condominium, The West. 

Just a short walk or taxi ride down W End Ave, The West is a new construction condominium building located between 47th St and 48th St where W End Ave becomes 11th Avenue. The mavericks at Concrete have done it again with an unmistakably unique silhouette that highlight numerous historical moments and styles throughout New York’s history. 

The first floor with its towering panel windows paying homage to New York City’s industrial past, and another several stories of hand laid brickwork making up the bottom floors of the building. Smaller square foot studio condominiums make up the lower floors and evoke the modern day lifestyle of New York’s fast-paced lifeblood that its residences make up.

A stark contrast is apparent when observing the top five floors known as The Cloud Residences, consisting of many sharp angles, futuristic colors, and modern themes to pay tribute to the time in New York’s history when the Manhattan skyline was being pierced with skyscrapers in midtown such as the Chrysler building and Empire State building. These larger condominiums have as many as three bedrooms, and will make you hit “save search” when you see the views from the top floors.

These luxury condos float among the clouds, and conjure images in your mind of a time of technological optimism and modern engineering marvel from the Penthouses of Tribeca to the townhouses  of Soho. The real estate industry in New York has seen nothing of these sorts in far too long, and if looking for a new home in the Upper West Side or Hell’s Kitchen, one would be remiss to overlook this Manhattan gem.

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