North Coast NSW Attractions

North Coast NSW attractions are generally known for variety. While other regions mostly offer sprawling beaches and similar attractions, the North Coast offers a little bit of everything. From rainforests, beaches, markets, and art galleries, the North Coast NSW attractions can appeal to any taste. North Coast NSW Beaches

For families, the best North Coast NSW attractions start with the Pet Porpoise Pool, a much-celebrated tourist attraction in the North Coast. Kids will surely enjoy the highly entertaining and interactive dolphin and seal shows there. And if your kids want to just have fun the good old way that they know, you can take them to Jumbos Playland over at Port Macquarie. Jumbos Playland is a special activity centre for kids with a cafe where you can stay while your kids enjoy themselves. With colourful slides and several other treats, the playland is definitely a child’s haven. And if they have to have fun in the water, take them to Big Buzz Fun Park. The amusement park is a mixed offer; there are several water-based facilities such as pools with slides, but there are also a lot of activities there for the whole family. North Coast NSW National Parks

Artists and those with eye for history and creativity will definitely enjoy hopping from one art gallery to another. The first on the list is the Pinnata Gallery, which displays high-quality and genuine artworks ranging from contemporary to traditional. The gallery is located in Dorrigo near Coffs Coast. True-blue artists will also love the Art Escape. The exhibit focuses on ten different artists with highly distinct styles. The Art Escape can be found in the Port Macquarie and Hastings area in the North Coast. Camping in North Coast NSW

History discoverers will surely learn a lot about the North Coast history by visiting the historical sites and attractions scattered all over the city. There’s Lake Inner Ruins, the former home of Major Archibald Clunes Innes, a major entrepreneur who lived in the North Coast. The ruins now make up a classic and historical tourist attraction that lures in and strikes visitors with awe with its grandeur. Aside from that, there’s Fighter World, a gallery that focuses on fighter jets. Fighter World is one of the world’s earliest fighter displays. To further evoke nostalgia, go see the Tacking Point Lighthouse in Port Macquarie after seeing the fighter jets. The Tacking Point lighthouse was constructed back in 1879 and was one of five navigational lighthouses built during that time. Since it was built, the lighthouse has absorbed much of the North Coast’s history and is a must-see for tourists. Fishing in North Coast NSW

These are not even half of what you will see in the North Coast. North Coast NSW attractions come in great numbers that you won’t run out of things to see while you’re there.

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