Not On Page One? This eCommerce SEO Company Can Help

To be successful online, one thing you can’t go without is a constant stream of traffic. It doesn’t matter what you sell or what kind of services you provide, if you aren’t getting enough traffic, there’s no way you are going to remain afloat for long.

Search engine optimization has been shown to be the best long-term strategy for getting traffic online. If you want to finally get onto page one for your most important keywords, you may need the help of a qualified eCommerce SEO company. You could try and learn SEO yourself, but this isn’t recommended, because digital marketing for online stores has changed quite a bit over the last few years.

Why SEO Requires a Professional Touch
For those with a little SEO background, it used to be somewhat easy to get any website on page one. With a little keyword stuffing and some knowledge of meta titles, getting on page one wasn’t nearly as difficult as it is today. There used to be a whole lot less competition as well, which only made the process that much easier.

Going into 2021, things are somewhat different. There are tens of thousands of eCommerce businesses out there and all of them want a piece of the pie. When you add to the fact that Google is far more stringent in terms of what they consider to be quality content, then you are faced with an uphill battle.

A skilled eCommerce SEO company can put together a strategy based on experience and data, that will actually get your business the results it needs. In this case, the professional touch matters a great deal, as it’s unlikely that you will see much results without it. You have to think, Google has said that there are hundreds of ranking factors and even the most experienced SEO technicians don’t know for certain what all of them are. It takes a team of dedicated specialists years to come up with strategies that work consistently.

You can’t trust just any agency to get you results in eCommerce SEO anymore. The competition is too stiff and there are too many variables. The content generation that is required alone is the full-time work of several individuals who all have to be skilled in both writing and keyword implementation. You have to be realistic with yourself and admit that you don’t have this kind of manpower in-house.

The Right eCommerce SEO Company That Can Get You on Page One
Page one can feel elusive. Even if your website has been around for years, unless you optimize your website correctly, you may never get in Google’s favor. There are certain user experience metrics that Google looks for and if they are lacking on your website, there is very little chance that you will rank well, especially if you are in a competitive niche such as beauty products, pet care, or vape products.

The only answer is a sophisticated search engine optimization campaign conducted by an agency that has been getting businesses on page one for years. Genius eCommerce® is the agency you are looking for if more traffic and sales is your top priority. Their resume truly speaks for itself.

Great page rankings don’t come easy. If you want to beat out your competition and reach the top spots in Google, you need to invest in your business with the right eCommerce SEO company. Give Genius eCommerce® a call and see what they can do for you – running effective campaigns is simply something they do, so if you want results, they are the agency to call.

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