Not Working Issue Gmail, PDF Converter, Bank Feeds in QuickBooks

However, QuickBooks also faces some kinds of errors QuickBooks Not Working while working with accounting software. Here you read not working issues such as QuickBooks Gmail not working, QuickBooks email not working, QuickBooks search not working, QuickBooks multi-user mode not working, QuickBooks bank feeds not working, QuickBooks pdf converter not working and QuickBooks not responding.

QuickBooks Not Responding or QuickBooks Stopped Working:

QuickBooks not responding error comes up when you trying to open QuickBooks Desktop Or maybe your program is frozen.

Several possible causes:

  • Company name or filename too long
  • QBWUSER.INI file damaged or missing
  • Your hard drive may be corrupted
  • QuickBooks Desktop installation corrupt
  • QuickBooks program files damaged
  • Windows operating system damaged
  • Anti-virus or window defender application not recognized QuickBooks.

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • First, try to fix the issue Restart your system
  • Download, install and then run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  • Uninstall and Re-install QuickBooks using a clean install
  • Create a new Windows Admin User
  • Rename QBWUSER file

 Open File Explorer (use Windows key + E)

 Browse QBWUSER file where the file is located. C:Users[UserName]AppDataLocalIntuitQuickBooks[Year]

 Right-click on QBWUSERFILE and then click on Rename

 Rename the file QBWUSERFILE to Add .old at the end of the file name ex..(QBWUSERFILE.old)

 Click Yes to confirm.

QuickBooks PDF Converter Not Working:

QuickBooks pdf converter issue comes up when you trying to convert QuickBooks reports, forms, etc. QuickBooks PDF Converter tool helps you to converts QuickBooks reports, forms into Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

Several possible causes:-

  • Missing or damaged PDF record part
  • The PDF converter is disconnected
  • QuickBooks framework is unable to communicate with the printer
  • In case you use outdated QuickBooks software

Steps to Fix Issue:-

  • Log in with your Administrator password into Windows
  • Now open Printers and Faxes window
  • Delete QuickBooks PDF Converter tool
  • Need to install the QuickBooks PDF Converter
  • Installation is completed, click on OK
  • Run it, then open the Printers window, control printers and then click on OK
  • Use QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair tool, from the Tool Hub.
  • If not fixed your issue go to the second method to fix QuickBooks PDF Converter Not Working error.

QuickBooks Bank Feeds Not Working:

QuickBooks bank feeds not working comes up when you trying to connect a bank account. Some bank errors such as Error 102, Error 105, Error 103, Error 106, Error 324, Error 185, Error 108, Error 377, Error 101, Error 192, and QuickBooks Not Connecting to Bank.

Several possible causes:-

  • Errors while syncing with the QuickBooks software
  • Bank server not responding
  • While retrieving transactions older than 90 days
  • QuickBooks not supporting your bank account

Steps to Fix Issue:-

  • Update the Connection between your Bank and QuickBooks
  • Clear Cache Files
  • Open QuickBooks in Incognito mode
  • Disconnect and Reconnect the bank account
  • You need to Update QuickBooks
  • More steps to fix QuickBooks Bank Feeds Not Working issue.


QuickBooks Multi-user Mode Not Working:

QuickBooks multi-user issue comes up when you tried to switch into multi-user mode or access/open a company file. In multiuser mode came up with error H202H505.

Several possible causes:-

  • QuickBooks could not get your system IP address
  • Anti-virus application not giving access
  • .ND file is damaged
  • Windows firewall is blocking the connection

Steps to Fix Issue:-

  • Configure with your Default Setting
  • Disable Hosting mode option
  • Edit QBUSER.INI file
  • Use QuickBooks database server manager to fix the issue
  • Reinstall the QuickBooks software
  • Click here to get more steps to fix QuickBooks Multi-user Mode Not Working issue.

QuickBooks Search Not Working

QuickBooks search not working issue when you use Edit/Search F3 not able to use the search option results are intermittent.

Several possible causes:-

  • QuickBooks search index file damage
  • Registry error in Windows operating system
  • Firewall issue
  • Outdated versions of a QuickBooks product

Steps to Fix Issue:-

Hope to fix your issues without any interruption, if anyone users facing any error. You need to connect with the QuickBooks error support helpdesk team to fix errors instantly.

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  1. When using Quickbooks, you may encounter a variety of issues. One of them is QuickBooks error 15241. QuickBooks error 15241 is a payroll-related error that prevents the QuickBooks Desktop software from correctly installing updates. It usually happens when the QuickBooks Desktop software’s File Copy Service is turned off.

  2. QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is a useful tool that helps QuickBooks desktop users to fix an assortment of issues related to multiple network and company file corruptions. This robust tool finds and fixes connection errors between QuickBooks, company files, and the database manager


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