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Baccalaureate Classes provides qualified and experienced IGCSE Physics tutors in India. Cambridge IGCSE physics is an important subject of the curriculum. It helps the students to understand the technological environment and motivates them to learn about nature as well as scientific developments happened over previous few centuries. In this course the students are taught about the basic theories and principles of physics as well by conducting various practical experiments. Our every IGCSE physics tutor at Baccalaureate Classes teaches the students to understand the connection between real world and scientific theories. The main aim of the course is to provide a solid foundation of physics to the students so that they can build their interest in this subject for their higher studies. Another aim of the course is to make the students to understand that physics is the study of natural phenomenon and can be understood through the evidences and facts. A lot of students find it difficult and feel the need of IGCSE physics tuition to make the learning easier. The IGCSE physics course has two variants which are IGCSE physics (0625) and IGCSE physics (9-1) (0972). The syllabus for both the variants is almost same but they differ in grading system. Students who study the IGCSE core subject (0625) achieve grades C to G whereas candidates who opt for IGCSE extended physics of this code are graded from A* to G. Our team of IGCSE physics tutor in Gurgaon has developed the separate study material for the core and extended students. IGCSE physics (0972) core course provides the grades from 1 to 5 and extended students of this code obtain grades 1 to 9. Our groups of IGCSE physics tutor in Delhi and Noida has prepared chapter wise notes for the extended students. The candidates who score higher grades in the IGCSE physics course are permitted to opt A level physics course in their grade eleven.

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