Parenting Tips: help your child return to school

The Coronavirus pandemic has is beginning to settle, almost a year-long lockdown has been lifted and schools are reopening for students to go and study in on the condition that they still strictly follow the COVID-19 restrictions, but are they ready?

School children especially the younger ones have a specific mindset that when they are in a particular situational condition such as lockdown and online classes for a long time, they get used to it and adapt completely, and thus switching back to normal conditions is hard for them.

That’s where parents come in. This article will teach parents how they can prepare their child for face-to-face education?

Helping children return to school

Talk: – Children might have the fear of getting infected with the virus or how they are going to cope with the restrictions in their school, it’s pretty natural and common for a child to be afraid because face it, even adults are still scared of the virus, so it’s understandable.

Parents can help their children by telling them to think of ways in which they can manage the new normal; they should know that their parents understand that it’s difficult for them to return to school.

One as a parent should gently start the conversation telling that they are always here for their child. That way the child will be more confident in returning to school.

Sleep schedule: – Children may have disturbed their sleep schedule during the lockdown because they were at home all the time, but now since schools have opened, they must be ready again for a sleep schedule.

Proper sleep is necessary for the overall development of a child, whether it’s online school because some points you didn’t know but with the help of this content you can know What might surprise you about online learning: things you didn’t know or offline school, and since schools are re-opening they have no choice, and as parents, the mother and father have an important role in helping their child go back to a normal sleeping routine.

Coping strategy: – This is used when dealing with stress and anxiety; it includes talking to friends and family, exercising, and using breathing techniques to relax the mind, when parents are comfortable, they can share their feelings about the COVID-19 situation with their child and coping strategies that they are using to manage such feelings.

They should agree with their child and say that it’s okay to feel anxious about going back to school; they can share a situation from their life where they felt anxious about a new experience. To add to the child’s confidence parents can motivate by saying that, don’t think too much and enjoy the present.

Be available for the child: – Parents should know that their children may come to share their returning experience at an unexpected time, thus they need to make some space for parents-children talk.

Some suggestions would be to talk when taking a walk together or when teaching them to cook. Remember listening is very important, just because children look okay doesn’t mean that they are okay.

Be positive about it: – Parents can talk to their children about what they loved about the lockdown and what they are looking forward to when going back such as which favorite places will they go to? At which park will they meet their friends? Talking about these things will make them feel happier about going back to school.

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