Part Worn Tyres – Cheap But Risky

Many times people prefer second-hand cars as they are affordable. They make a decent substitute for a brand new car. Similarly, some people may opt for part worn tyres instead of spending a hefty amount on new ones. It is a cheap alternative for getting new tyres fixed in your car. But, are they worth buying? Or do they have some drawbacks? Let’s see.

Part worn tyres are also called second-hand tyres. The scrap dealers or the junkyard owners usually sell these old tyres. You’ll also find the part worn tyres with the second-hand car dealers. These people procure the Michelin tyres Norfolk from the vehicles they get for salvaging. Then, these part worn tyres are sold off at a cheap price. It is a usual practice undertaken to earn a little extra cash.

Every person has a different opinion regarding part worn tyres. Some believe it to be safe while others consider them dangerous. But, one thing is sure – just like with other second-hand things, you can’t predict if there is something wrong. So, a question arises – what motivates people to purchase second-hand tyres? Let’s see the answer.

Why Purchase Part Worn Tyres?

So, due to the uncertainty behind its safety, why would anyone want to buy part worn tyres? People mostly buy used tyres ‘to save money. When buying part worn tyres, you don’t know the history of the tyre. Tyres may have been so worn out that now it won’t do an effective job.

Though the scrap vendors claim that they fix the tyres, they can’t be relied upon truly. The quality standard varies to a great extent. Some vendors don’t pay attention to damages like spoiled sidewall or tread. They will just sell off the old tyres without repairing them. Some will do minimal repairs before selling the part worn tyres. This results in poor quality and using such low-quality tyres makes driving dangerous.

If you are persistent in buying part worn tyres, you should buy a renowned brand. Those tyres will give you a sense of security because they conform to quality standards.

How To Choose The Correct Part-Worn Tyre?

    • Tyre Treads

This is one of the most important things to pay attention to. Tread patterns are necessary as they maintain the grip and traction between the wheel and road.

So, do check the treads of the part worn tyres. It is recommended to change the tyre when the tread reaches 3mm depth. So, if part worn tyres have an even tread and more than 3mm depth, you are good to go. Otherwise, visit more vendors.

    • Sidewall Damage

The next thing to check is the sidewalls of the tyre. There are chances that the tyres have been damaged in some kind of incident. Any cut, scrapes, grazes, or tears in the sidewall are an indication that the tire structure is damaged.

So, it is necessary to inspect the sides and insides of the part worn tyre. If you find any cut, search for more tyres.

    • Tyre Repairs

Sometimes a tyre may have been repaired with a rubber plug to close a puncture. Although it is perfectly fine, there could be damage to the belts which support the shape of the tyre. This hinders the performance of the tyres.

Some scrap dealers tend to overlook minor damages on the tyres. You need to thoroughly check the inside and outside of the tyre to make sure there are no damages. If there are, see that they are repaired properly.

We hope you now have a good idea about the part worn tyres. Buying such Tyres Norfolk could be risky as you don’t know the history of the tyre. Even if the tyre has been repaired, there will be shortcomings in its performance.

In short, part worn tyres can save your pocket, but there is a huge possibility of failure. It might cost you much more in the future.

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