PCB sourcing – Careful planning is crucial

Customers that are required to source their PCBs regularly should plan their sourcing cycle. If you want to ensure that you have a regular supply of the PCBs for your production process, you need to invest some time in planning and scheduling your orders. The order volume varies from customer to customer. You will have to plan your PCB sourcing calendar based on your order volume.


Before you pick your PCB manufacturing company you need to first review your own requirements. Your average monthly, quarterly and annual requirements. While identifying the right manufacturers you are required to match their production capabilities with your average order volume. In case if your order volume should surge because of the increasing demand of your products then your PCB suppliers should be able to scale up with you. All these need to be factored in when you are sourcing your PCBs.


Your manufacturer will have their own timeline for the manufacturing process. They will also have their peak seasons and their low seasons. Depending these seasons their turnaround times will vary. Before you plan your PCB sourcing calendar, discuss all these details with your manufacturer so that you have complete clarity on their capabilities. Once you have all these details at hand, then you should start focusing on your production cycle. Make sure that your inventory is sourced at least two cycles ahead. This is crucial if you do not want to stall your production just for the want of the PCBs.


Check with your manufacturer whether they will take care of the PCB assembly needs as well. When you find a manufacturer that offers end to end services you will find the entire sourcing process easy. You would not have to work with multiple vendors but deal with a single company for all your needs. This will save your time and also your money.


If you need to take into consideration any shipping related challenges plan for such factors too. In case you are sourcing your PCBs from a China PCB manufacturer the shipping times are likely to be much longer when compared to the local PCB manufacturer. Even if the manufacturer has a large manufacturing unit to process massive orders in a timely fashion, you cannot do anything about the shipping timeline. Cross check with your manufacturers whether they would be using a dependable shipping company.


Most importantly they should be able to ship to your destination. All these factors have to be addressed during the planning stage itself and before you place the order. There is no point complaining and regretting your choices and decisions after placing the order. This will save you from unnecessary wastage of money and also undue delays that could cost your brand its reputation. Get started now to search for the most dependable company in China to take care of your ongoing PCB needs and plan your sourcing calendar very carefully so that you have a regular supply of PCBs.

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