Performing A French Manicure At Home: 6 Steps And Tips 

A little bit of self-care and pampering once in a while is crucial to look and feel your best. And the word self-care almost immediately translates to a soothing pedicure and manicure to many people. A deep clean followed by a crisp trim and some vibrant coloring can make your hands feel smooth and look fabulous. And choosing a classic style like the French manicure can add an ethereal beauty to your gorgeous nails and hands.  





Whether it is a semi-formal dinner or a magnificent wedding, a French manicure is the best choice. If you are running out of time for a quick trip to the salon, then use these six simple steps to perform the perfect French manicure right at home with much ease.  

  1. Clean Up 


Creating a clean slate to use your French manicure set with much ease. It is not just about the white paint but rather about a smooth and clean look. So prepare your nails before you paint on them.  


Start by washing your hands and removing old nail polish with an acetone-free remover. It is essential to use acetone-free remover as it helps keep the nails moisturized and nourished for the manicure. Make sure to cover the edges and altogether remove any polish from the nails.  


Now, soak your hands in a bowl of warm water containing a drop of lemon juice for about a minute. This helps to get rid of the oils and dirt stuck around the area. Remove and use a towel to softly pat dry your hands and nails 


  1. Shape Up 


The next step is to trim your nails to carry the shape of your choice. Although the middle almond or square is the most commonly suggested shape to complement a French manicure, you can typically choose any shape of your choice. The only criterion is to avoid very long nails as the style may not carry well in this case. Also, make sure the shape is perfectly symmetric without any broken edges or cracks to create the best look.  


Now you can either choose clear, white, and soft pink colors from your nail paint collection or simply invest in a good quality french manicure set to get the right combinations of colors and tools.  




  1. Buff UpAndNourish  


Slightly buffing up the nails is the best way to ensure your manicure stays for longer and looks fabulous as well. Using a proper grit buffer is essential to give the right touch to your nails, especially around the cuticle area. A common misconception about buffing is that it removes too many layers of the nails, leaving them weak and brittle.  But using the wrong grit or excessively buffing is the problem. So make sure to buff your nails rightly to prepare them for the color.  


One of the best ways to make sure any nail product does not dehydrate or damage or nails or cuticles is to hydrate your hands well. Start by exfoliating your hands, critically near your nails. Apply hand cream abundantly to moisturize it well. Now soak your nails in cuticle oil for a while to easily push them back. This way, you are protecting your nails from damage.  

But remember, before applying the base coat, you should dry your nail plate using alcohol or alcohol-infused remover to make sure the paint settles well.  


  1. BeginWithThe Base Coat  


A critical part of French manicure is that your nails are going to be on the show. So making sure they look smooth and flawless is necessary.  

Start by applying a base coat on the nail before the paint. It ensures your manicure stays for long and prevents the yellowing of nails from coloring pigments. 


  1. ColorAway  


It is time to paint the classy white strips on your nails. You can choose either straight or curved strips as per your liking. The advantage of a curved strip is that it makes your nails look more natural.   





Use a thin brush to create a small strip starting from the growth points using white nail color. The strip has to look like a smile moving from one edge to the other. Make sure to get a nice line with just one layer of color. Now use a sheer pink shade to create a top coat to make your nails look healthy and glowing. It is a manicurist-approved technique that gives a luscious finish to your nails effortlessly.   


  1. Finish Up


Now carefully use Q-tip to clear away all the stray polish on the skin. You can dip it in nail color remover to easily remove the runaway and give a crisp finish to your nails.  


The final step is creating a glossy, sealing coat on top of your nail to get a lovely look. You can choose any shiny, transparent nail coat for this purpose and create a flawless finish to your manicure. Once the colors dry, make sure to hydrate your cuticles with some oil.  


Your classic French manicure is done, and you are now ready to flaunt your fabulous nails with any look of your choice.  




Whatever be the occasion or wardrobe, flaunting perfectly trimmed and pampered nails can boost your confidence and add class to your looks. Try an at-home French manicure using the steps mentioned above to let your hands ooze all the elegance for you.  



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