.pk domain extension is better than .com domain

To register a domain name that perfectly complies with your business niche and goals has always been an important task. However, due to the recent surge in online businesses, the online marketplace has become crowded. Therefore, sometimes it proves to be a tiresome task to choose the best domain name. Any domain consists of two main parts; domain name that relates to brand name, and the second part comes after the dot called a domain extension. Registering for the right domain name is a challenge but choosing the right domain extension is equally important. If you fail, you will have to go for a cheap domain transfer. Therefore, we shall address a common concern later in this blog, if the .pk domain extension is better

The top-level domain extensions also play an important role in the following:

  • Domain extensions have been created to categorize various websites such as ccTLDs and gTLDs. For example, as for gTLDs, the domain name for any organization would end with .org. Whereas .pk stands for Pakistan, and .uk is for the United Kingdom. 
  • The extensions may provide insights into the type of website content. For example, .blog indicates that the website owner is a blogger, and .edu indicates the websites of educational institutes.  
  • A domain extension plays a vital role in creating and maintaining the brand perception for your target audience. 
  • Furthermore, the categorization not only classifies the websites but also restricts the usage of specific TLDs. For example, only a government body can own the .gov extension. 

Hence, whenever you have to choose your domain name, you must abide by the basic rules for the first main part of the website address. It must comply with your brand. Furthermore, your domain extension must be according to your target audience. Well, just so that you may know, even if you define your new target audience later and your current domain doesn’t comply with it, you can go for a cheap domain transfer.

To help you decide if the .pk domain extension is better, we have lined up some benefits of both the .pk domain, and.com domain.

Register a .pk domain 

As mentioned above, the .pk domain is a country code TLD. Therefore, any business website with a .pk domain extension operates in Pakistan. Following are some of the benefits you can enjoy with this domain extension. 

Target audience

 It is the thumb rule for domain names. If your business is local, you must go for a local domain extension such as .pk and .ae. Undoubtedly, .com is the most trusted domain extension, but so is the .pk domain. Furthermore, it helps your website with its SEO ranking. Identifying the domain extension, Google will bring your website up for that local audience, enhancing your visibility. Furthermore, choosing the cheap pk domain gets you out of the race of international competitors. However, if you 


Principle cost is one of the main concerns for any business. So, here is a piece of good news for you. Local domain names are much cheaper than .com domains. Hence, the fact further advocates that the .pk domain extension is better than .com. Besides, the .pk domain also ensures trust and brand loyalty. 

Link building 

When you aspire to grow bigger over time, you must put the effort in that direction right from the start. In other words, operating as a local business, building links with the other local business is vital and beneficial. The .pk domain offers you a priceless advantage concerning link building because local businesses only prefer collaborating with local companies. 


If your website is language-specific, registering a local domain proves to be the best option. Search engines would understand your preferences with your domain extension and rank your website better in that specific niche. 

Register a .com domain 

Only comparing the consequences of both the domains, it would be clear if the .pk domain extension is better or a .com. Hence, we shall be discussing the .com domain in the following. 

The most expected web address

.com domain extension is the most popular generic TLD used to designate the for-profit business. However, it has become the first go-to domain extension. Furthermore, it is so common that anyone who hears your brand name would expect your website address to be your brandname.com. Besides, if you skip an available .com domain for your brand, you will probably lose your traffic due to typosquatting. Hence, the .com domain makes a good choice in this regard.


For the same reason mentioned in the above section, .com domains have been overcrowded. In other words, it has been a bit competitive to find a .com domain extension with your brand name. Therefore, if you face the same situation, the .pk domain extension is better for you.


At this point, the .pk domain and .com stand on the same step depending upon the type of your business and the environment it operates in. The history .com domain extension dates back to the start of the domain name system that guarantees trust and reliability to your target audience. Furthermore, search engines rank .com domains better. 


Undoubtedly, a .com domain extension is a generic TLD. It may attract you just because you wish to target a wider audience. However, at some point, you may wish to say something more about your business and want to be specific about certain things with your identity. These elements may be the geographic focus, special expertise, industry niche, identity, and trendiness.

If you are persuaded to be specific about any of these elements, the .pk domain extension is better for you. Moreover, if you have just come to know about the fact, you may go for domain transfer as well.


.com domain is not specifically but preferably a commercial domain extension. Using a .com domain won’t help you with your targets much. Hence, if you intend to use the website for a body other than the businesses, you must consider domain extensions other than .com. For example, for a non-profit organization, .org would be better than .com.

Google penalty 

In the end, whether you decide a .pk domain extension is better or a .com domain, you must ensure that your domain does not have a google penalty associated. You must ensure the traffic by checking google analytics for six months. Furthermore, you may ask your registrar or hosting & domain provider to share the necessary details. By any chance, if you fall for such a domain, you must check for domain transfer cheap to a reliable registrar such as Navicosoft.

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