Practice for PTE Academic in a Noisy Place – Here’s Why It is a Good Idea

If you are a PTE Academic aspirant who has been working hard to crack the desired score, chances are you would know all the different properties that make this test one of its kind!

Among many others, one that needs a special mention is the noisy and distracting ambiance of the test center. The Speaking section of the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is what makes it so! This part of the test (like the others in the exam) requires the candidates to answer at the same moment which gets quite disturbing with all of them in the test center speaking at the same time.

It is distracting…
It is loud…
It can get annoying…
….and it can even freeze your mind!

But even with all the above-mentioned ill-effects, you cannot afford to influence your scores with it. And that is exactly where the strategic PTE Academic preparation helps. Here is what you can to do to counter the effect of a noisy test center:

Tips to overcome the effects of a noisy test center in the Speaking section

  1. Practice in a noisy environment

    The number one thing you can do is to practice for your test (the listening and reading sections, especially) in a noisy setting. This is the most effective way of getting used to the confusion and loud noises around you.

    For practicing well, you can opt for a place for giving your mock test where your family members are busy talking. If you live alone, try creating a noisy environment by switching on your Television or a web series (though, not in a very loud voice but neither in a hushed tone). It will help you make sure that whether or not you will be able to talk and concentrate when there are multiple candidates in the examination center.

  2. Do everything that improves your concentration level

    First of all, you need a way to calm your mind when it gets multiple noises. It must be able to focus on the sound that is useful at the time of your PTE test. It means that you must work on improving your concentration. For this:

    • Meditate and spend some time with nature every day.
    • Reduce your screen time by avoiding unnecessary digital activities.
    • Take proper sleep, especially the night before your PTE exam
    • While preparing for the exam, do not go for extended sittings but keep taking breaks in between.
    • Try brainstorming games and calming music once in a while.

  3. Choose a time slot that is not so popular

    While we are giving you the tips to overcome noisy examination at the PTE Academic examination center, there is nothing wrong is avoiding the noisy environment. So, another thing you can try is to choose a time slot that is less popular with the candidates. This will automatically reduce the noise and confusion. Most often, candidates do not prefer a morning slot. You never know, you might just get lucky!

  4. Choose a test center that is not so popular

    This tip is very much similar to the previous one, but it very much depends upon where you lie and how much commuting time you could afford to dedicate to your PTE Academic test.
    Just like it might help to choose a less popular time slot, similarly, it might help to choose a test center that is less popular. It is for this reason, that several candidates prefer travelling a distance to sit in a test center that will have lesser candidates than the one that is the nearest to them.

  5. Be punctual

    Be present at the center before schedule. It could help you avoid the noisy test environment. In some of the cases, the administrators allow the candidates to take the test before the scheduled time. So, at that time, there will be fewer candidates in the center than the full strength.

    If such a thing happens, try completing the speaking section first and the listening section next. This will help you to answer the Speaking section before other candidates.

  6. Choose the experts for helping you in preparation

    Finally, choose only the experts such as when taking coaching for the PTE test. is known to offer a real test environment for practice tests and PTE mock test free online with score. It uses an AI algorithm to evaluate the practice tests, offers detailed analytics of the scores to the candidates, and gives them expert advice on how to improve further.

    The Final Word

    PTE Academic could be your first step towards success, and therefore, you must be ready to face all difficulties to pass it with flying colors. As a noisy environment could create instant panic, degrading your performance, you should try all the methods to avoid as well as to win over it. This article will definitely help you with the same.

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