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Problem with conventional lighting network

Confining your property inside a perimeter security fence is important. Security is one key factor to be kept in mind before designing the architect for any concrete structure. Security is usually tackled without planning; engineers blast the property radius with inappropriate lighting. This can lead to serious ramifications. As a result, this leaves patches of high and low voltages therefore creating places that can help intruders to hide. To overcome this obstacle lighting needs to be distributed evenly. Moreover, high-definition cameras can be mounted to monitor the fence to obtain best results out of perimeter security system

We anticipate the industry’s demands thus keeping one step ahead of our competitors. Evolving simultaneously with technology at our disposal led us to launch our new product!

Latest product

CAST Perimeter Lighting is known as the innovator of the industry. Consequently, our clients and associate partners always look upon us to deliver products that are above expectations.

Once again, we have launched CAST Perimeter PoE Interface as a new trademark in the industry. This device is capable of powering up to 200 feet of the fence with illumination through an ethernet cable along with perimeter security sensors. First of all, LED lights are integrated with 30 VDC low-voltage wire. The next step is to connect CAST Perimeter PoE with EtherWan switch wired together through CAT 5/6 cable eventually creating stable power circuit.

CAST PoE Interface CPOE60W  

  • Safe Low Voltage, Low Cost
  • CPL2 – 40 Foot Diameter Light Coverage (20’ inside and outside of fence line)
  • CPL38 – 100 Foot Diameter Light Coverage (50’ inside and outside fence line)
  • Up to 200 Feet of Fence Line Illuminated
  • Dusk to Dawn Setting
  • Easy and Fast One Person Installation
  • Flash Glare™ to Disable Intruders Eyes Naturally
  • Long Life – 18-Year CREE LED


As mentioned above, this new product is designed to be calibrated with CPL38 and CPL2 perimeter lights. CPL2 comparatively provides shorter diameter coverage than CPL38. It is primarily focused on users’ requirements and the length of fence that need to be connected together.


EtherWAN switch

Similarly, EtherWAN switch has its benefits. In addition to providing power for two CAST PoE interface devices, it’s also capable of providing IoT’s. in other words, it’s a completely compact network consequently giving you control with ONE switch! This will definitely enhance your perimeter security network effectiveness and portability.

  • 8 Ports PoE + 4 Ports SFP
  • 60 Watts IEEE 802.3 AT/BT
  • 60 Watts Per Port – PoE Lighting
  • 2 Ports for PoE Lighting
  • 6 Ports for IOT Devices
  • Intelligent Management
  • Hardened Switch

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Do not wait any further and light up your fence because if it’s not lit, it’s not secure!

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