Printing Your Book to Maximize Your Profits

If you’re writing and self-publishing a quality book, take extra time to weigh printing options that maximize your profits. There’s no doubt book printing on demand deserves your consideration, but there are other options to consider. The on-demand book world is one of large companies enlisting independent authors who want to act as content producers within a more extensive system. There’s nothing wrong with it, per se, but it impacts profit margins and where you sell your book. When you print traditionally and stay outside that system, greater possibilities emerge.

Before you finalize your book, working with an editor and cover designer is wise. The editing helps sharpen up the insider (word) content and ensure it’s error-free. Cover design goes to your book’s image and marketability. Well-designed covers that suit your genre are an asset, even if your book is primarily sold online. The “thumbnail” size images you see in the pages of web-based booksellers are just as influential as the covers of physical copies sold in brick-and-mortar stores. The cover helps get people’s attention and sparks their interest in reading your book – work with an experienced cover designer.

When you print your book outside the in-demand system, you can have all the details it could have if coming from a traditional publisher. It also means you can sell copies anywhere, including on your website or eCommerce. Business-minded authors may sell other merchandise related to their books or build their businesses in different ways. The book is the entry ticket for personal branding and business development for many writers. Books qualify for publicity that includes media coverage and attention online. Blogs and podcasts continue to grow in influence for PR campaigns of many types.

The ability to set your retail price is another reason to print books yourself. Pricing can significantly impact sales, and you may make changes after some experience in the marketplace. Selling books directly also gives you access to customer data. Nearly every business keeps its clients’ emails and other information for marketing purposes. Upselling existing customers is generally easier than finding new clients. It’s a significant opportunity for authors who write future books or have other products or services for sale. You’ll earn more if you’re profit-minded as you develop your book project.

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