Puff Bars, Pods, and More: Enjoying Salt Nic Vapor

For years, most vaporizers were large devices that provided power to atomizer tanks filled with freebase nicotine e-liquids. These traditional box mod and atomizer devices are able to provide incredibly flavorful vapor, but they are usually not very discreet. The large clouds of vapor needed to get a satisfying amount of nicotine were a turn offer for many users, but nic salt vapes changed all of that by making vapes significantly more compact. Now Disposable options like Puff Bars and pod vaporizers have made vaping more accessible to everyone.


The nic salt vaping trend all started with the Juul vaporizer, which was the first device to use a 100% nic salt  e-liquid formula. They were trying to create a device that was small and satisfying without being too harsh. At high concentrations, freebase nicotine e-liquids can cause uncomfortable irritation to the throat. This is why traditional vapes produce such large clouds of vapor. In order to stay satisfied and get the nicotine they want, traditional vape users have to inhale large clouds with a low concentration of nicotine.

Nicotine salt changed all of these due to that fact that it remains relatively smooth even at high concentrations. This means that a cloud of salt nicotine vapor will have more nicotine and that users could get the same satisfaction while inhaling a fraction of the vapor. This new e-liquid formula had another side effect, producing smaller clouds of vapor also takes less power. Because batteries are usually the largest component of a vaporizer, nic salt devices were designed to be much smaller than their freebase nicotine counterparts.

The release of an extremely compact and satisfying vape quickly made the Juul one of the most popular vapes on the market. These simple draw activated vapes used prefilled disposable pods to eliminate the need for messy refills and to streamline the vaping experience. Sadly these vapes became so popular that the sale of flavored vape pods was banned in order to discourage underage vaping.

Now nic salt fans have to choose between using disposable devices like Puff Bars or pods with natural flavor options like tobacco and menthol. Puff Bar disposable pod devices are similar to Juul vaporizers but their e-liquid chamber is built in and they cannot be recharged. This means that users have to buy the entire device every time they run out and dispose of it once it stops producing vapor. The cost of buying these devices can add up, so some vapers are willing to put in a little maintenance work in order to avoid the high price tag of vaping disposables.

Refillable pod systems are devices with easily removable atomizer pods that are similar in application to Juul pods. These devices can vary widely in size and function. Some devices are designed to be as compact, light and portable as possible while others might be loaded with features like a regulated traditional mod. No matter what refillable system you are using, you gain the benefit of being able to choose any flavor profile you want. All you have to do is fill up your pods ahead of time and you can use your device just like any other pod vape.

If you have a Juul battery and you are not a fan of Puff Bars or pods with natural flavors, you can turn your Juul into a refillable pod system by using Blankz refillable Juul compatible pods. These pods are easy to refill and making the switch to Blankz can help vapers save up to 70% off the cost of Juul brand pods.

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