Qualitative and reliable bentonite granules suppliers

The special properties of bentonite granules make it a valuable material for a wide range of uses and applications. As one of the leading bentonite granules suppliers, Copia Clay Pvt. Ltd. produces and exports highest quality bentonite clay granules used widely in various industrial applications worldwide.

Apart from industrial applications, Bentonite clay granules are extensively used in agricultural industry because it works as the best soil conditioner. It is known to loosen the soil and help nutrients reach the roots. Bentonite clay primarily consists of montmorillonite mineral which makes it the most absorbent of all clays. Counted as one of the most reliable bentonite granules suppliers, Copia Clay’s bentonite clay granules adhere to quality norms. The company specialises in two variants of bentonite granules – Carbonised calcined blank granules used for pesticides, bio fertilisers and calcined blank granules effective in the refining process of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF).

Double roasted clay granules or roasted clay granules are widely used in the bio fertiliser industry as a carrier agent for sea weed extract, humic acid, fulvic acid and as a zyme fertiliser carrier agent. Most plant growth regulators and micro nutrient formulations use these granules as a carrier medium.

Copia’s CP Jet series of granules produced from selected Attapulgite clays, selected for their high surface area and pore volume, provide high performance adsorptive capacities, stable operating processes and have a significantly longer productive cycle.

Bentonite clay is generated from the volcanic ash consisting minerals. The remarkable properties of bentonite clay granules make it a valuable material for a wide range of uses and applications. Keeping pace with the emerging demand for bentonite granules, Copia Clay Pvt. Ltd. ensures the best grades of bentonite granules that meet specific requirements of diverse industries.

Adherence to international standards of processing and marketing, one-of-a-kind infrastructure and commitment to quality make Copia Clay Pvt. Ltd, one of the most reliable bentonite granules suppliers in the country.

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