QuickBooks Error 15103: Detailed Troubleshooting Resolutions

QuickBooks Error 15103 mainly gets provoked in two scenarios: while updating the QB Desktop application and while obtaining the latest payroll service updates on the computer. Normally, this error is put under the ‘15XXX’ series of errors, and due to this technical error, the QB Desktop users are not able to access the updated features & tools.

Some of the verified troubleshooting resolutions have been explained thoroughly in this detailed technical blog.

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15103 QB Desktop Update Error: Relevant Factors

The 15103 QB Desktop Update Error occurs due to the reasons given as follows:

  1. Improper setup of the date & time on the computer & faults inside the QB Desktop program can trigger this issue.
  2. Incorrectly configured firewall setup & missing digital signature certificate can easily provoke this error.

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Accurate Resolutions for Payroll Error 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop

The Payroll Error 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop can be eliminated using these resolutions:

Resolution 1: Remove QB Desktop program faults through the execution of the ‘Quick Fix my Program’ utility on the system

  1. Firstly, accurately download the most recent edition of the ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’ on the system by utilizing the official link provided on Intuit’s website and then make sure that the downloaded file (‘QuickBooksToolHub.exe’) gets saved to an appropriate location such as the Downloads folder.
  2. Afterward, hop to that location where the ‘QuickBooksToolHub.exe’ file has got saved & then launch that file so that you are able to fully implement the valid installation steps needed for the ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’ installation.
  3. Now, go ahead to double-click on the ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’ icon in order to easily access it, and then simply jump to the ‘Program Problems’ tab so that you can finally strike the ‘Quick Fix my Program’ utility.
  4. At this step, you must permit the ‘Quick Fix my Program’ utility to finish its full execution, so that entire program faults get eliminated, and then you will be able to successfully download the relevant updates in QuickBooks.

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Resolution 2: Correctly install the QB digital signature certificate to ensure the full elimination of this technical glitch

  1. Firstly, go to the ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ folder inside the ‘C: drive’ & then navigate to the ‘QBW32.exe’ file inside that folder, after which you must right-click on this file’s icon so that you are able to eventually choose the ‘Properties’ option.
  2. After that, accurately jump to the ‘Digital Signature’ tab within the ‘Properties’ window, following which you shall make sure that the ‘Intuit’ option is marked in the list.
  3. Just hit the ‘Details’ button & after that, strike the ‘View Certificate’ option located on the ‘Digital Certificate’ window and then move ahead to simply choose the ‘Install Certificate’ option on that window.
  4. At this point, continue to hit the ‘Next’ button until you obtain the ‘Finish’ option, and then complete the QB digital signature certificate installation by tapping the ‘Finish’ option.
  5. Now, correctly restart the system so that you are able to finally obtain all the required QB Desktop & payroll updates.


QuickBooks Error 15103 will get weeded out completely through the proper use of these two resolutions. For more assistance, dial +1-855-948-3646 to contact our QB Professionals Team.

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