Quran Learning Online classes for kids

Introduction to Quran learning:

Al-Quran is the revelation to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) started with the word “Iqra’’. Prophet
(PBUH) implemented five principles of Quran teaching and learning which his companions and
the next generation follows today. The model consists of Tilawah (good and fluency
recitation), Learn Tafahum and Learn Quran with Tafseer (knowing and understanding the
meaning), Tatbiq (appreciate and implantation of the teaching in daily life), Tahfiz (memorizing
some verses for practice and reciting during prayer) and Taranum (reciting al-Quran with a good
voice and proper song). In this part of the article, the main areas of discussion will be how to learn
online Quran that is taught in the Muslim community particular in their mosques, madrasas and
community centers and hence their method of teaching and then how it is perceived by the audience
i.e. the students, teachers, and also parents. The study found that the Tutors of Quran academy
have been using a variety of strategies in implementing Quranic teaching and learning, some
teaching methods such as best online Quran classes for kids as conventional, and others reflect
new methods taking into consideration the different abilities of the children. This way of teaching
does not take into consideration the quality of recitation and teaching with the rules of Quran
Tafseer. This article will then lead to a conclusion, which will include some suggestions on how
to improve the main curriculum and how the Quran should be taught.

Importance of online Quran learning:

Learn online at Quran academy is an obligation to every Muslim. Learn Quran is the
responsibility of parents and teachers to help the new generation in Quranic learning to become
true Muslims and better human beings. Quranic learning started with learning Tajweed, which
means learning how to pronounce and recite the latter correctly. Tajweed can only be learned with
a qualified Quranic teacher. Abdullah Al-Qadri (1988) asserts that the al-Quran must be learned
from teachers’ i.e. by musyafahah and talaq. Without any proper lessons with the experts, a person
will unable to read the Quran properly and smoothly. A teacher who can recite the online Quran
with fluency and smoothly, and articulating every letter from its articulation point and giving the
letter its rights and dues of characteristics will be considered as a model teacher who experts in Quran recitation (al-Ghazali, 1993). This is also consistent with al-Abrasyi (1969), which suggests
those who wish to become a Tutor of Quran should know the consequences of reading the Quran
and knowing the rules of reciting the Quran quickly and accurately.

Establishment of Quran learning academy:

The effort of education for the Muslims has by now developed into the establishment of voluntary
aided madrasas and Muslim faith schools across the USA Quran academy, which follow the
national curriculum but with Islamic studies, especially the teaching of the Quran, incorporated.
The establishment of the Holy Quran academy and Quran tutor at home has been very successful
since the late 1980s in the sense that there are currently over 100 independent and seven state-funded Muslim faith schools in the British education system. However, it is important to take note
that the majority of Muslim children in the USA still attend British state schools and that
supplementary education is still the main link for a Muslim pupil to the teaching of the Quran. At
this moment it seems that only three percent of the Muslim pupils in Britain attend Muslim faith
schools or madrasas (Nasar Meer, 2007).

Online Quran classes in USA:

Online Quran classes in the USA are still common for the Muslim community to mainly use the
mosque for such teachings, however, if that is not possible then a community center or a local
school is commonly hired for this purpose or the Online Quran teaching may be imparted within
the home of the imam (Peter Mandeville, 2007). However, this supplementary online Quran
education has in recent years been highly criticized by both Muslims and nonMuslims for their
poorly educated Imams and outdated teaching skills (Martin Van Businessmen, 2003). It has
become very common to hear Muslims in the USA and in Europe demanding that their Imams should
be better educated in the Islamic Sciences and should have a better understanding of their
respective European society (Amjad Hussain, 2007). Even though Islamic education like online
Quran classes in the USA has evolved successfully over the last forty years especially due to
developments with regards to ‘https://learnquran.academy’. Muslim identity in Britain is still the
supplementary Muslim education that is vital for the new Muslim generation, born and raised in
the USA.

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