Real Facts about Lab Grown Diamonds

Are lab-grown diamonds as strong as naturally occurring or mined diamonds? The belief that lab created diamonds are inferior in quality to mine-produced diamonds simply because they cost less is a misconception. Despite the fact that they are not better than actual diamonds, they are identical in terms of their optical, physical, and chemical constitution. Even sometimes, they shine more brilliantly than diamonds that were mined.

If you choose Man made diamonds, you will save money.

Yes that’s true there is a huge cost difference between lab and mined diamonds its not because of their quality. It is because of the following factors – mining method doesn’t require, they require fewer natural resources for their production, and laboratory grown diamonds are refined from rough to polish in 2-4 weeks, reducing the variable production costs.

Last but not least, there is a perception that lab-grown diamonds are artificial or fake. This is a mistaken belief, lab diamonds are as real as natural diamonds. Because they are developed in a lab by simulating the same earth’s parameters rather than being mined from the earth’s surface.

Special Note

This is not everything there is to know if you want to know the structural and hardness variations between lab and natural diamonds. Furthermore, if you are interested in learning about the history of laboratory and mined diamonds, we have already prepared an informative article. Simply click on the link and read.

3 Real Facts About Lab-Grown Diamond and Mined Diamond


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