Reasons to choose Android Application Development

Android is the fastest growing operating system of smartphone devices and it has been popular with every update. Flexibility, user-friendly apps, and versatility have made it more famous. Our knowledgeable team having updated knowledge of the latest android release invents profitable android applications.

Every business owner needs to deal creatively to catch the eye of potential customers. As a business owner, you will have the objective of generating more income. As part of the digital revolution, a large part of the industry has been completely influenced by the entry of the Android mobile app. We know that iOS is also a popular platform, but now we will discuss some of the reasons that will turn your decision towards Android. 

Open Source

Any phone manufacturer can use the android code as it is free. And this is the most noticeable edge of Android on other platforms. This makes the market for Android smartphones the highest in the world, surpassing those for iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. This provides a massive demand for every Android app developer and makes the niche very lucrative.

Android development is low cost and offers high ROI

As Android has more and more diverse background subscribers, apps cost less. Most apps are free to download and more readily available on the Play Store than any other operating system. This is especially useful for new organizations to launch their applications. Cheap or free apps go a long way in promoting the app and the organization behind it. 

maximum customization feature

As Android is an open-source platform, it offers the highest customization feature for Android app development and this is the reason why Android app development is so popular.

You will learn easy and fast Android application development

Android’s open working model and flexible methods for development factors with easy availability of resources make it extremely easy and fast to develop applications on Android. 

The development of Android as a mobile app development community has been unprecedented over the years and it looks set to grow rapidly.

Fewer barriers to entry

To create an iOS application, the designer must use MAC But, this is not true in the case of Android, Android applications can be created on MAC, Windows, and Linux. Also, registering as a designer on the Apple Plus App Store requires an annual charge of $ 99, while registering as an engineer on the Google Play Store requires a one-time installment of $25

Market Share

If you analyze the statistics of the last 5 years, Android is taking the market at a steady pace and listing its presence in a wide demographic and geographical range of cell phone users. The growth of the cell phone has had a direct impact, suggesting that revenue from stores that prefer Android is $ 189 billion. According to IDC data, by the year 2019, 87% of the global smartphone market share dominates the Android market. 

You can target another platform

Using the Java platform to develop the Android app makes it easy to port the app on different platforms like Ubuntu and Symbian. So, as a business owner, you will have the opportunity to target different platforms with Android app development

Scalability and versatility with Android Studio

Since the introduction of Android Studio, the scalability and flexibility of the OS has increased. You can integrate your app with the entire Android ecosystem with the help of Android Studio which includes tablets, smartphones, Android TV, and wearables. with upcoming technologies like AR, IoT, and VR, You can make your Android app compatible.

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