Reasons to not delay fertility treatments

Infertility may be a time-sensitive matter. The more you wait, the lesser your chances of becoming pregnant successfully. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of costs, we have got pregnant on our own before etc etc. are some false myths and couples may use these to justify their decisions to delay fertility treatment. Believe it or not, acknowledging and “accepting” infertility is the first step towards becoming pregnant. Do not let such myths or fear or indecision keep you from attaining the joy of parenthood or completing your family. The best time for anything as significant as having a child is NOW, Right NOW. Here is some clarity to help you decide on starting your fertility journey. Age affects fertility and there is no confusion about this. Advanced age of both the partners, creates challenges for conceiving and even after conception, there is an increased risk of miscarriages. A lady over 35 years is considered to be infertile after six months of trying to conceive. The earlier you are able to identify the cause for infertility and proceed with treatment, higher are your chances of successfully becoming pregnant. Remember, you can never be more fertile than you are today. Timing is everything, as the ovarian reserve in women declines with each cycle: Most infertility treatments offered are timed together with your cycle. So, while you are ready, you need to wait to start treatment. Also, treatment can sometimes take a touch longer than expected, in case of women who are not having their monthly cycles regularly. Fertility screening tests stretch over days and sometimes may require additional tests to get to know the fundamental cause of infertility and treatment protocol is going to be best for you and your partner. You may require to undergo additional tests depending upon your specific health history. Infertility treatment is generally not very quick, but it is worth it! Some couples may need to make some lifestyle changes before starting treatment or even during the treatment. Some treatment protocols may require multiple attempts or might get delayed considerably. For some couples, conceiving isn’t always a fast and straightforward process, especially if the couple have been diagnosed as having challenges. Couples who find themselves experiencing secondary infertility, meaning they conceived on their own through intercourse with their first child, are sometimes surprised at the length of time it takes to become pregnant with their second child. Starting your fertility journey now, instead of later, means you’ll be able to meet your bundle of joy that much early. We, at GarbhaGudi IVF are passionately committed to guiding and supporting you in completing your family, in a caring and kind environment. Request us for an appointment for an initial consultation today! For more information, visit: Call: 888 00 00 909 or email us at

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