Reasons Why… Cup!

Here are 13 reasons why you should ditch the pad and switch to Stonesoup Menstrual Cup:

Reason 1: No RASH, No Itchiness

All the chemicals and plastic in the disposable pads cause irritation and rashes. The cup is completely inside and doesn’t rub against the thighs or the groin area. 

Reason 2: Saves Money

A woman typically spends Rs 30,000 on disposable pads in 10 years. One cup costing less than a thousand rupees can be re-used for at least 10 years. What will you buy with the money you save by using the cup?

Reason 3: Made-In-India

China cheapies are flooding the market and you can get a cup for as low as Rs 175! Don’t fall prey to “Let me start with the cheapest”-syndrome. The mark of an India-manufactured cup is the logo engraved on the cup. If not it is a cheap copy and bulk manufactured in China.

Reason 4: High Capacity, yet Shortest!

Users would like a cup as small as possible and capacity as large as possible. As we did research, we found a capacity of 20ml and above will give even women with heavy bleeding a full 8 hours of capacity at night. Smaller than it, and they either need a backup pad or get up at night and change. We removed the stem (first to do it). We changed the shape from a typical V to U (not the first one). We found it gives women a capacity of 23ml with a length of only 50mm.

Reason 5: Easy to Clean!

A lot of cups get discolored after usage for a while, you will notice around the lip lines. It is due to the minute amount of blood left in the line crevices. We removed them all! Took us a lot of effort, but we did manage it. All you need to clean the cup is a capful of water!

Reason 6: No wet feeling!

Most of the nerve endings are at the mouth of the vagina and not inside. The cup is not felt at all and since it collects menstrual discharge before it reaches the vagina, you forget you are menstruating! 

Reason 7: Can Poop & Pee Easily 

The cup sits in the vagina and need not be removed when passing urine or stool as they are all separate openings.

Reason 8: Travel Light

When travelling, all you need to pack is a tiny cup and not a huge stash of disposable pads. Also if you are going hiking in the wilderness, you need not worry about carrying back the soiled napkins or leaving a dirty gift in nature. 

Reason 9: Designed By Women

Stonesoup Cup is designed by women who have been cup users and cup promoters for 7-8 years. Based on the feedback by different women users and personal experience, the stem-less cup was designed. Choosing the cup is now less complicated (no need to measure cervix or calculate bleeding amount).

Reason 10: Trash-free, no need to hunt for dustbins

Stonesoup cups are re-usable and do not generate any trash. No worries of hunting for bins to dispose pads when you use the bathroom at a public place or a relative’s home. Moreover, each cup replaces 1200 to 3000 pads going to landfills. So trash-free and guilt-free!

Reason 11: Super-comfortable: Swim, Run, Dance during periods!

Internet is filled with stories of how women are running marathons, enjoying swimming and travelling the world during periods – all because of the cup! Check this video to see a photo testimonial of Stonesoup users – Jugni.

Reason 12: Privacy

Many women experience that their pet dogs follow them around during periods, as they can smell the blood. Since the dustbins are empty all the time, your family members need not know you are menstruating!

Reason 13: Support Group to master the cup

We have exclusive support groups where you can interact with experts, gynaecologists and fellow users to get your doubts cleared, hand-hold you and cheer you when you get it right!

For menstrual hygiene products (Cups and Cloth Pads) join any of these support groups:

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