Reasons you should take a tour of Kumrat valley

Tourism always imparts positive effects on the tourist as well as for the host. The host country and the respective place generate handsome revenue from the tourists. Families are dependent upon the visitors to get income by selling their services while the tourist enjoys the charm of the new place and tastes new food.

Pakistan is a beautiful country to visit, it is the reason that a large number of visitors come to explore its beauty every year. Pakistani northern areas have beautiful places where the tourists desire to go and see the breathtaking sights. Among many other places, Kumrat valley is one of the biggest attractions for tourists. It is situated in the region of upper Dir in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Its length is about 3 Km and the area contains beautiful spots.

Plan a tour safely

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Why Kumrat valley is the tourist’s favorite place?

Kumrat valley is famous and the preferred place for visitors due to many reasons. It is known for the large Deodar tree forest which is located near the river. Valley is surrounded by the giant dark mountains which are mostly covered with snow especially in the winter season. The Famous River of the region is the Panjkora River which is the part of Swat river basin. There are many waterfalls in the area which look pleasing. People love to capture the beauty in their cameras. Photographers come here especially to capture the attractive sights and show to the world. Kumrat valley has become the greatest attraction in a short time due to the efforts of our government as previously there were security threats. Due to these issues, tourists did not prefer this place but now thousands of them visit and enjoy the beauty of nature there.

Kumrat valley attractions

There are many pleasing sights to visit in Kumrat valley from amazing waterfalls to River, large mountains, and greenery.

Panjkora River

Panjkora is the river that passes the Kumrat valley. It is flanked by the mountains. The river has dangerous paths along its side at some places while giving a pleasant view where it is at the ground level. People do fishing at the riverside and enjoy it. There are also some resorts on the river, Panjkora resort is the famous one. At certain places, there are potato fields along sides the river in the summer season.


Lush green valley

Kumrat valley is incredibly beautiful lush green valley having the large Deodar forest. It is even more amazing as you can imagine a place. Some tourists say that it is like a heaven on the earth.

Jahaz banda meadows

It is a large meadow which is located in upper region of the Kumrat valley. Area is covered with green pastures and snow covered mountains. For the trek lovers, there are beautiful treks.


Katora lake

Katora lake is the beautiful lake near Jahaz banda, Kumrat valley. Source of the water in it are the melting glaciers. It is named “Katora lake” due to its resemblance with Bowl shape.


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