Reduce the Eye Strain and Headache While Using Your Favourite Iphone!

We know you are addicted to your phone and especially if it’s an iPhone, then the joy of owning it is totally out of the world. You get a very seamless experience of using it and that is why you are almost staring at your screen throughout the day and even most part of the night. Headache and migraine with such extensive screen-time are reportedly common. But, you will have to stop these health issues for your better future. No, don’t worry — we are not suggesting you give up your me-time with the iPhone totally. But yes, some measures are extremely necessary at this point in time if you want your eyes and your health to be good always.

Essential Measures to Reduce the Headache and Eye Strain Resulting From the Constant Usage of iPhone!

You wouldn’t believe it, but the facts specify that almost every second user of a smartphone is having an issue in the eye and complaints of severe headache. But if you follow the below-listed steps, we are sure your issue will be resolved almost instantly.

  • Get the anti-glare glasses — The best and easiest way to reduce eye strain and headache is to wear the anti-glare glasses whenever you are working on your mobile (and even on your laptop). But as we said, almost all of us are constantly staring at the mobiles and therefore wearing these classes 24/7 is impossible. But even if you try wearing them for some hours, this will reduce the harsh effects on your eyes.
  • Check if your iPhone screen needs repair — You will feel the strain in your eyes if your iPhone screen has some cracks or damage on it. Better go for iPhone screen repair in Melbourne by JMC Computers immediately in such a case. They are certified in Apple repair and would immediately look into the matter and you can enjoy the smooth experience of using the iPhone again without harming your eyesight or health.
  • Change the settings in your iPhone — If your iPhone screen motion is too fast, this causes lots of stress on your eyes. You can start by reducing the motion. And even the color contrast of the screen should be reduced. Apart from this, you can try activating the blue light filter from your settings, disable autoplay on your mobile, and increase the font size.

Apart from these, you can even try utilizing more of voice commands on your iPhone. We all know that Siri is quite capable of fulfilling everything that you require from your gadget. After these, you can stay assured that your headache isn’t because of constant screen glare and even the strain in the eyes may not be because of this issue. You should consult a medical practitioner immediately if the issue persists.

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