Resume Hacks: 7 Unique Things That Must Be Present In Your Resume

Crafting a perfect resume is the first ladder you climb when you consider to apply for the job. It is the first step that can lead you to the journey of success in your recruitment. Hence, it needs to be carefully crafted.

Often employees drop there résumés without giving it a thought and that is the biggest blunder they can make in the process. Your résumés sets an initial impression on the recruiters therefore it needs to be carefully created. You should spent fine amount of time in constructing your résumé. This is not something that should be done in a rush.

If you are experiencing confusion or nervousness while crafting your résumé. If you are unaware of the sequence of your résumé. If you don’t know what elements, skills or qualities needs to be added in your résumé. Or if you’re continuously making search for professional resume writing services near me for assistance don’t worry! Since this article will give you insights from the beginning.

You’d learn what should be the part of your résumé. You’d get familiar with the skills that employers around the world seeks while recruiting and you’d learn how to put that skills in your résumé in this blog. So, get on this journey and learn how to craft your résumé from the scratch:

7 Hacks to Make your Resume Stand Out:

  1. Effective Personal Statement:

Your personal statement reflects a lot about you. It gives an idea about you, your abilities, skills, will highlight your achievements interest and everything in a concise way.

You have an amazing chance to let the employers know about your interests.

Remember the personal statement is meant to be concise, there shouldn’t be exaggeration in your personal statement.

You should keep all the points concise but comprehensive.

Make sure you use appropriate adjectives, or describing words while discussing your skills and abilities to make it doesn’t possess ambiguity in it. 

  1. Educational Background:

Educational background is what your recruiters need to know to make sure if you are eligible or right fit for the job.

You should put all the educational history in a reverse alignment so it stays up to date and is according to recent ones.

  1. Work History:

This is another crucial area, the recruiters learn whether there employee has previous experience in the field they are applying for.

  1. Soft Skills and Technical Skills:

This is where you can make your mark and stand out among the rest of the candidates who are applying for the similar position.

Soft skills assist to keep the workplace environment healthy. An employee’s soft skills determines his or her proficiency. These skills highlights the attitude, confidence and strengths of the employees which is generally extremely important in the office or workplace environment.

Add your soft skills like your public speaking, communication skills, and the leadership you possess, your abilities of being a problem solver or decision maker since the organization seek for such a skill in their employees.

On the other hand, your technical skills defines whether you are capable enough to benefit the company or organization through the skills you possess.

You can discuss all the skills you have acquired in your profession. If you are someone from the background of computer or IT you can present or jot down your programming languages or can talk about technical writing skills as well as data analysis.

Whereas, if you are from social sciences your research skills can be of extreme help for the organization to learn whether you are eligible for it or not.

Make sure you jot down all the necessary soft or technical skills you possess or have possessed in your particular field so the employers would know you better.

  1. Contact Details:

This is the basic element of your resume. The employers contact or informs you about the shortlisting through your contact details.

And this isn’t it. Generally the companies, organizations or businesses while reviewing the resume of the candidate are eager to learn or inspect more about the candidates, hence LinkedIn profile is where they resort to.

LinkedIn is a professional website where companies proceed their search for outstanding employees and candidates as well look for the job opportunities while building and continuously updating their professional profile.

While you craft your resume yourself or seek assistance from best curriculum vitae writers online in both the cases make sure you or the writer don’t forget to add the LinkedIn link in your résumé.

This slot of your contact information should be provided with your current mailing address, contact number as well as your LinkedIn link.

All the elements you provide should be up to date and the recent ones. Make sure you stick to that before finalizing your Resume.  


Awards and Achievements:

Do you know what other elements can uplift your CV and can add immensely into it? Other than your skills, abilities and experience the crucial elements that can add in your CV so much are the awards and achievements you had achieved in your academic years, mostly in your university or college years. 

You do not necessarily allot a specific section to this, in fact if you have received an award in your academic for your academic performance you can add it under your educational section below that specific educational year. Or if you have received an award in your employment you can add it under the employment history below that specific experience in bullets.

 Community Involvement:

The volunteer or community work draws an amazing impression on your employer. It exhibits your enthusiasm. It can reflect your multi-tasking skills, time management. So why not stand out among the other candidates by jotting down your community work experiences.

Final Thoughts:

Resume writing can consume a lot of your time but once it is crafted by keenly following these tips, the result and response you will receive will worth it. Don’t forget your resume is the first step towards success. So make sure you conquer it!

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