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Doing One’s Job written by Mike Walsham is a war novel. The novel reveals the methods used to gather intelligence throughout World War II by the British government. The story is about the story of a British spy who is assigned to different missions throughout Europe. The book begins with Andrew having to explain to his boss about his work in France and the way the mission was nearly ruined due to one of their connections. When he has finished debriefing the boss, he decides to leave on leave to meet his wife and son who have recently had a birthday celebration. When he returns home, he discovers the fact that one of his best friends has passed away in the conflict we have another book review and pdf of Rich Dad Poor Dad pdf


He conveys his condolences to the widow who has died. He can’t reveal to his family members the actual work he does due to the secrecy surrounding his work. He is able to spend time with his family but is required return to work. After returning, he’s assigned a new task. He will be required to assist in the removal for soldiers who have been evacuated from France and gather details. Then he is left with the obligation of fulfilling the mission and all other tasks he’s assigned to complete. Can he accomplish it?

The book was very informative. It provided a new perspective on the field of espionage. It demonstrated that most spying agents were not loud and did not use violence in their attempts to get into enemy territory however they took an esoteric and discreet approach to their work. While the strategy was delicate, the book revealed how risky the majority of tasks they carried out were. Their importance in the war was huge since the war council was prone to make use of the information from spies for their plans. The kind of improvisation that spy needed to master to do their job and to survive was also described by the author in his novel. The writer was able to create the suspense and the development of the story was organized to convey the suspense. The novel was based on historical details and characters, which gave it a realistic feel.


The book has a few flaws. One of the flaws that the book has is the language used throughout the book. There were some words I could not comprehend and had to look up the meaning behind. Certain words did not seem appropriate, as there are simpler words that could be employed instead. Another example is the numerous names used to describe the protagonist. This was intended to indicate that the protagonist was working undercover however it made the reading of the book difficult. The end result was that it made the novel hard to read we have another book review and pdf of Murder on the orient express pdf


I rate the novel 4 out of five stars because it was expertly written, extremely engaging, and informative. The book was professionally edited. I have found only a few mistakes in the book.


I would recommend this book to those who love history as well as those who enjoy reading books about war. I would also recommend this book to those who would like to make a career out of the field of espionage because it illustrates the strain risks, sacrifices, and dangers necessary when performing the duties of

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