Rubber Vulcanising Agents

In order to change the plastic properties of rubber to elastic properties via inter-linking of rubber molecules using chemical processes is called vulcanisation. There are mainly two types of vulcanising agents that are divided into inorganic and organic two categories.

Vulcanising agents can be divided into inorganic and organic two categories.

1.Inorganic vulcanising agent: Sulfur, sulfur monochloride, selenium, tellurium, etc

2.Organic curing agent: Sulfur-containing accelerators such as accelerator TMTD; organic peroxides such as benzoyl peroxide, polysulfide polymers, quinone oxime compounds, urethane, maleimide derivatives, and others.

Insoluble sulfur is the most common and the most prominent rubber vulcanising agents used by tire manufacturers. OCCL is known for providing the best grade vulcanising agents. Visit to check their products and get more details on vulcanising agents.

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