Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

Finding the correct rug pad for your hardwood floors is important. Without the proper rug pad, hardwood floors can be subject to wear and damage. Felt and rubber rug pads are rated as the safest and most effective for use on all hardwood floors.

The best and safest rug pads for hardwood floors will not contain any glues or adhesives. Our Superior felt rug pad is pure recycled felt without the use of glues. Our non-slip Ultra Premium rug pad contains recycled felt and natural rubber that is not treated. The rubber is heat pressed to the felt, not glued like many other felt rug pads. This is done to prevent damage to rug and floor as well as to prevent any out-gassing. Our Super Hold is all natural, untreated rubber safe for all hardwood and wood floors. Share your tips on how to take care of the hardwood floor and get numerous views with the help of youtubestorm. Buy youtube views now and see the results instantly.

By being one of the only stores to manufacture and offer rug pads safe for all floors, Rug Pad Corner is proud to be a member of THE NATIONAL WOOD FLOORING ASSOCIATION and THE WOOD FLOOR COVERING ASSOCIATION. These Organisations are committed to the preservation of and education of hardwood and all wood floors and we are proud of our involvement and contributions.

NOTE: Superior rug pad does NOT contain rubber, so it will NOT prevent slipping. If you have smaller rugs that slip, use Ultra Premium instead.

IMPORTANT: The rubber in most felt and rubber rug pads can create a moisture trap on the hardwood or wood floor. The rubber in our Ultra Premium is specifically made with a larger texture to create an airflow and prevent any moisture traps. Pay close attention to the detail of the rubber back of our rug pad compared to others.

Latest Customer Reviews:

8×10 Ultra Premium Rug Pad

By Thomas from California

“I was told from a local rug dealer about Rug Pad Corner so I called. Thank you for all the helpful advice on finding the best rug pad for my new hardwood floor! I chose the Ultra Premium for several rugs that slip and this rug pad looks and feels like a quality I have not seen locally. Excellent rug pad!”

12×15 Superior Rug Pad

By Nathan from New Jersey

“I will say that while a rug pad is hidden under a rug, this one is by far the best I have found for my hardwood floor. I chose Superior for a very large family room rug and the description on the site is 100% accurate…no chemicals, no odour and completely safe for hardwood floors. Thank you!”

Nathan, NJ

10×13 Superior Rug Pad

By Margaret from Minnesota

“My floor man warned me of a rug pad that damages my newly finished hardwood floor so I called and expressed my concern. After a few questions and answers, we decided that Superior felt the rug pad was best. For anyone who does not need a non-slip rug pad, I will say that this is perhaps one of the best rug pads for hardwood floors I have had to date!”

Margaret, MN

Facts on Rug Padding For Your Hardwood Floors

Rug pads can protect hardwood floors from damage that may occur. The backs of area rugs can scratch any hardwood or wood floor and this can also erase the finish off the floor. Furniture sitting on the area rug can also put a lot of pressure on the hardwood floor and can even cause dents in some cases. The rug pad will prevent scratches from happening to hardwood floors. A dense felt rug pad will also prevent the pressure and stress from furniture weight from pushing through the area rug and denting a hardwood floor

The rug pad is rated as best for hardwood floors if it is a solid and dense felt rug pad. The more dense the rug pad, the better the resistance, allowing it to prevent any stress to any hardwood floor. Since felt rug pads are rated by ounces, or density, the higher the ounce quality, the better the density. The highest density felt rug pad manufactured today is a 40 ounce felt rug pad, like our Superior felt rug pad. While a 40 ounce rug pad is rare and hard to find, it is always best to use for the ultimate protection under any conditions with hardwood floors. Whenever possible, choose the 40 ounce felt rug pad to assure the best and safest protection for any hardwood floor. For the most dense felt rug pad, along with natural rubber for rugs that tend to slip, our Ultra Premium is rated as the best non-slip felt rug pad for all hardwood floors.

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